Monday, June 20, 2011

Today I Swear I'm Not Doing Anything...

I don't have a Snuggie, like Bruno Mars does, but last week I took my first every 'Lazy' Day. Juggling the evil day job with the wonderful but very time consuming work of writing is very hard and sometimes you just need to unplug or you'll burn out. I somehow ended up with three works in progress this year, aside from We'll Meet Again which is still technically a wip as it's been accepted for publication but still has to go through that oh so lovely edit process. I'll go more in depth on my other books in a later post but needless to say, if I want to get out three releases this year for your guys AND if I wanted to take my lazy day, I needed to do it now.

So I did. I finished polishing the second draft of The Vendetta which is the first book of a trilogy and decided to grab my lazy day before I started polishing up the third draft.

The night before I prepared a marinade for a yummy cornish hen (Italian salad dressing, seasoning salt, garlic and thyme if you're curious) so the next day I would only have to pop it in the oven and add some potatoes. Cooking is relaxing to me. The day of, I hopped on only to check my e-mail, Facebook, Twitter etc and let everyone know I was bowing out for the rest of the day then I got offline and put the phone on vibrate and out of sight. Then bliss of blisses, I went BACK to bed. Usually, once I get up, I can't go back to sleep but I napped wonderfully, then got up, took a shower and yep, went back to bed. I watched tv, listened to the radio and read. Then when it was time, I tucked the hen in the oven and let the yummy smell fill my apartment as I lounged around and did absolutely nothing.

I missed my writing, I missed my online friends and chatting with my readers but for
those wonderful hours I was just absolutely wonderfully lazy.

And the next day, I was back online and back to my wonderful stories and knew I had done my writing a favor by stepping back because if I didn't there's always a chance I might burn out. We need those days where we just take a break. It makes us better at what we do because it allows us to come back with fresh eyes.

I know for sure that it won't be as long as this last one before I take another lazy day. I owe it to my writing. So do you. Sure you'll feel guilty that first hour or so that you should be doing something, but as you sink into your bed, back under the blankets, you'll get over it.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thud Thursday

Since everyone else is doing it, here ya go. Thursday's steamy inspiration to get ya'll going!

Now go forth, my writer friends and er...multiply? No that's not it. Write!