Sunday, June 30, 2013

Love On The Beach Blog Hop

Thanks for joining me here for Beachwalk Press's Love On The Beach Blog Hop!

I'm from Toronto, Canada and our summer is always cause for celebration considering how damn cold our winters can get! Sometimes, it feels like we're giving Russia a run for their money! We're so desperate for summer that as soon as the temperature gets above 0 degrees Celsius many will break out the flip flops!

But everyone knows, summer doesn't really start until you hear that one thing… that one thing that you've been waiting for since the temperatures starting dropping in September, and didn't start rising again until March, (sometimes April!)

The sound of the ice cream truck.

I heard it for the first time a few weeks ago and my heart filled with glee! Slushies, banana splits, chocolate dipped, chocolate/vanilla twists, snow cones!

I'm partial to the chocolate/vanilla twist myself. We've just spent six months suffering through a god awful winter and what's the first thing we run towards as soon as we can? The ice cream truck. Lol! Because as brutal as the winters get, that's how blistering our summers get.

Our beaches open up, but only a few of them are actually used for swimming because of environmental concerns which is sad, but after suffering through October to April, we're more than happy to just sit there and revel in the sun…while eating our ice cream.

As a part of the hop, I'm giving away a mini author swag pack that includes an ebook copy of my contemporary erotic romance with Beachwalk Press, Strawberry Wine along with a small E. Jamie tote bag and a bookmark. I'd first heard of Beachwalk Press after seeing their ad in a copy of RT magazine and I fell in love with their covers! I knew many of their authors online and heard so many wonderful stories about BWP that I knew I wanted them to be the home for Strawberry Wine.

Can these ex-lovers work together to save New York City's children?

Caleb and Laura were teenage sweethearts, poised on the edge of a beautiful future, then without explanation, Laura walked out. Now both are cops and have been partnered up to bring down a notorious criminal who is exploiting New York City's innocent children. Can they put aside old hurts to save the children, and will the flames of rekindled passion be enough to give their love a second chance?

Along with my prize, The grand prize is a Kindle Paperlight!
Additional prizes include:
* A beach tote bag filled with Beachwalk Press print books (winner's choice of 5 print titles)
* Two gift certificates of $25 each (winners' choice of GC from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or All Romance Ebooks)

Every entry at a participating blog is an entry for the grand prize so make sure to hit everyone's blogs listed here between July 1st to the 14th:
and comment WITH your e-maill addy to be entered to win not only the grand prize, but that individual author's prize too at their blog!

To win my author swag pack, leave me a comment with your email addy and tell me what your favourite ice cream flavour is! And if you happen to not like ice cream… (yes those people do exist!) What's your favourite summertime treat?

Friday, June 21, 2013

Cover Reveal: Blood Vows Book One-The Vendetta

I'm making my first foray into self publishing with the first book in the Blood Vows trilogy, The Vendetta. I've got the rights back for that series as the publishing house is closing so I'm very excited to try this new phase in my writing journey with a series I know so many of you have loved!

I give you now, the brand spanking new cover for Blood Vows Book One-The Vendetta, coming soon!!!! Mob princess Brianna O'Reiley has just discovered she is pregnant. What should be a joyous occasion is actually a nightmare because she knows that the father is not the husband she recently lost in a mob ordered murder, but Alessandro Dardano, the son of mob boss Bernardo Dardano, her family's greatest enemy.

Brianna and Alessandro shared one night of passion after taking shelter in a snow storm, neither knowing the other's identity, that they were the children of families who have had a blood soaked vendetta between them for the past fifty years.

Alessandro Dardano, has returned to New York from running his father’s business overseas to take his place as Bernardo’s successor. The passion he and Brianna generate between them make him question his loyalty to his father, but even more, the love he feels for her makes him want to do whatever he must to make Brianna his, despite her last name.

Brianna, who has vowed to make Bernardo pay for his part in her husband's murder, is torn between the searing love she feels for Alessandro and her desire for vengeance.

Will this baby bring the two families together, or will he be the lit fuse in an explosion of violence that destroys both sides forever? Thanks so much to Sonia Marques and Britoria Virtual Services for your fantastic work!!!!