Saturday, December 31, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

For this week's six I thought I'd start the new year off with a snippet from my upcoming release with Rebel Ink Press 'The Arrangement' Book One of the Resistance trilogy. First the blurb:

Elsa Mostek is a young Jewish woman who is forced to move with her family from the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland to the Auschwitz concentration camp in 1943. She immediately draws the attention of Nazi Officer Friedrich Weiss who inexplicably shows favor towards her and helps her escape harm many times thanks to the power he wields in the camp. Aware that many of her fellow female prisoners are bartering their bodies for survival and in
desperation to save her starving family, Elsa makes an offer to Friedrich.

What Elsa does not know is that Friedrich is a spy with the German Resistance that has infiltrated the Nazi regime. He must keep up the pretense of loyalty to Hitler's cause as he sends secrets to those on the outside.

Friedrich doesn't want to take advantage of Elsa but can't help wanting her. As the misery of his position increases, she offers him the only light left in a world of darkness and despite his best intentions, Friedrich gives in to her offer. Passion explodes between them, giving them a reprieve from the monstrous world they inhabit, though both know it can never last.

Now my snippet:

“Come. We’re already late,” he said.

“Dammit, Friedrich. You’re not any fun at all,” the shorter man complained.

“She’s a Jew. You don’t know what you might catch,” the taller man…Friedrich…warned with such derision that Elsa wanted to slap his face.

She was untouched and proud of herself for keeping her virtue in tact when so many of her friends were selling themselves food and protection. God willing it never came to that for her.

“I’d slit my throat first,” she grumbled under her breath but the one called Friedrich must have heard her because his eyes held hers for a moment and Elsa couldn’t breathe until he turned away, pulling his friend with him.

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Here's another snippet this week from my steamy Christmas novella Baby It's Cold Outside

The girls wanted to know about her so-called glamorous life in Hollywood. Well, what they really wanted to know was if she‟d ever met Robert Pattinson.

“Yep. The accent‟s fake, I'm afraid. He's actually from Jersey,” she joked and at their horrified glances rushed ahead to assure them that she was only teasing.

Jack shook his head. “One does not joke about Twilight. Ever,” he added with mock seriousness.

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On The Third Day Of Christmas

My free sexy story for the 12 Days Of Naughty Giveaways 'Three French Hens' is now up for you and we all know being naughty is a lot more fun than being nice so how would YOU get on Santa's naughty list? Head on over to the 12 Days Of Naughty Giveaways Blog and give me your answer for a chance to win a free copy of my Christmas novella Baby, It's Cold Outside!

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12 Days Of Naughty Giveaways!

12 Authors, 12 Naughty Giveaways, 12 Naughty Shorties over 12 Days. Come see why being on Santa's Naughty List isn't that bad...

Starting today, myself and 11 other fantastic authors are participating in a Christmas giveaway in homage to the 12 days of Christmas. Every day from the 12 until the 25th you'll get a FREE steamy story, based on the song. I got #3 Three French Hens and you should see that one up on Wednesday. Along with a free sexy tale, each of us is giving you a chance to win one of our hot romances. I'm giving away a copy of my novella Baby, It's Cold Outside! For all the info and to have a look at the first delicious story by Robin Badillo, head on over to: The Naughty Pages Of Phoenix Blog!

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Six Sentence Sunday

After some very annoying technical difficulties, here's another six from my steamy Christmas novella 'Baby It's Cold Outside' Available at Sugar and Spice Press

“Of course it does. I always say there‟s two ways to a man‟s heart. One is through his stomach.”

“Grandma!” Madeline scolded.

“What's the other one?” Katie asked her.

“Why his mind, of course,” Meggie replied with wink at Jack.

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

I figured since December means Christmas, I would share snippets from my Christmas themed novella Baby It's Cold Outside available at Sugar and Spice Press all month long!

First, the blurb: Madeline Delaney has suffered a terrible loss. She's returned to her home town with her daughter to spend Christmas with Madeline's grandmother. Next door is Jack DeLuna, an adolescent crush that seems to be rekindling into a very adult passion. Still reeling from the death of her husband, will Madeline have the courage to let Jack into her heart, or will guilt and the fear of loving someone again keep her from the future Jack has waited years to give her?

Jack DeLuna. Good lord.
“Hi,” Maddie replied, feeling a ridiculous girlish shiver that reminded her of the teenager she had been with her first serious crush on the handsome Mexican boy. She shook her head, telling herself she was shivering because of the cold.

He put the shovel down and walked over to her, a wide smile on his face. “I heard you were coming back to town. It‟s good to see you.”

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Now that We'll Meet Again has been released, I thought I'd shift focus this week with a snippet from my contemporary romantic suspense Strawberry Wine available at Sugar and Spice Press!

First the blurb: Laura and Caleb were teenage sweethearts. Then Laura disappeared, leaving nothing behind but a simple note.

Now she’s back, a street smart cop on the trail of an underground child sex slave operation right in the heart of New York City and she’s been sent to Caleb’s division to help bring down one of the most reprehensible men in the country. When the old lovers are partnered up, can they put their old hurts aside to do their jobs and save the children?

“Caleb has just been made the lead detective on that case. You‟ll be working with him on this.”

The room around her seemed to shrink, and Laura held her breath for so long only the pressure in her chest reminded her that she wasn‟t breathing. When she tried to take in air, she choked on it and coughed violently.

Sergeant McKinney stood up and got her some water from the cooler in the corner of his office.

She downed it in one gulp and crunched the paper cup.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Video Blog

Monday, November 21, 2011

We'll Meet Again Release Day Contest

All over the intergooglewebs we're celebrating the release of my WW2 erotic historical romance We'll Meet Again there are a whole bunch of places you can win a copy! If you just can't wait, head on over and pick up your copy right now! I'm having contests on Facebook and Twitter and as a guest on some fantastic authors blogs. So of course I'm going to have one on my own blog too for all my lovely followers!

First how about an excerpt? After surviving being tortured in a prison camp James has been suffering from nightmares about the men he couldn't save. Tonight, he takes solace in the bottle, much to the panic of his new wife.

Later that night, Cassie turned towards James, coming awake when she suddenly noticed the usual weight of his arm around her waist wasn’t there.

She sighed and ran her hand along the mattress, opening her eyes when she didn’t feel his body next to her.

He wasn’t in the bed.

Cassie felt her stomach plummet as she scrambled off the bed. She pulled on her violet cotton robe and wrapped it tight around her middle. She bit her thumb as she rushed out of the bedroom and turned in to the living room, stopping when she saw James on the couch, his head bowed.

Thank God.

He lifted his head abruptly, making Cassie jump. She noticed her had a bottle of something clutched to his stomach and a shot glass on the coffee table. The smell of liquor hit her strongly, and the shine on the wood surface proved to be liquor he had spilled.

"What are you doing?" she asked softly.

"Getting fucking drunk, wife dear. Care to join me?" he asked dryly.

"No," she said sitting down next to him. "Why?"

"Why indeed," he said. "I don’t rightly know, love. I have everything I never even really knew I wanted. Beautiful wife, beautiful son, a military career if I want it, a home, a position as head of the family business. What could possibly be wrong?" He gave a bitter laugh.

"I don’t know." Cassie watched him uneasily. "Why don’t you give me the bottle?"

"No," he insisted, clutching it closer. "No." He reached his hand to her and patted her shoulder. "Why don’t you go back to bed, sweetheart?"

"James, I’m not going to leave you here to get blind drunk."

"Would you just give me some fucking space, damn it!" He threw the bottle against the wall, shattering it.

Cassie jumped, panicked at his anger. She cringed when she heard Phillip begin to cry.

"Go," he ordered. "Go tend to him."

She gritted her teeth but stood up and went to pick up Phillip out of the bassinet, assuring a worried Virgie that she could go back to her room. Cassie brought him into the living room.

"You’re a mean drunk," she accused.

He laughed bitterly at that but stopped when he saw that she carried Phillip with her. "I thought you were going to put him back to sleep."

"You thought wrong," she said, stiffening her spine. "We are not leaving you to wallow alone. Tell me what happened to cause you to get yourself drunk."

He stood up and went to get another bottle out of the small fridge. He came back and started to pour the liquor into the shot glass.

Cassie moved the shot glass out of his reach, causing the liquor to spill.

He glared at her and pulled it back and resumed pouring.

Cassie again leaned over and pushed the glass away.

He slammed the bottle down on the table in frustration, and a frisson of fear went through her. Before she could chicken out, she reached for the bottle and held it to her.

"You want it back? Start talking," Cassie ordered though she certainly had no intention of giving him the bottle again. "Did you have a nightmare?"
Phillip reached his small hand towards the neck of the bottle, grunting in annoyance when she lowered the bottle to carpet, next to her legs.

"I didn’t do enough," he said, his voice thick with sadness. "I couldn’t stop what happened to Phillip. I couldn’t stop what happened to any of them. There was this one man, Dai ordered him beheaded, and I couldn’t do a fucking thing! Everything they mentioned in court . . . everything, Cassandra."

She held her breath, wondering if he had lied about Phillip to protect her. To not have her memory of him tainted by knowing Phillip had been raped.

He shook his head and stood up, unsteady on his feet. "No. No point in talking about it again and again." He paced, shaking his head at her. He pointed to the door. "You should go. Really. You should just take the baby and go home. Go home to Boston, to your mum. Don’t think about me. Don’t love me. Just go away, Cassandra. Please just go away."

"Stop it!" she demanded, softly. Her eyes filled with frustrated tears. "Stop trying to push me away. You promised. You promised you wouldn’t do this."

"Ah yes, well, I promised many things, didn’t I?" he sneered, leaning against the wall. "I promised to back away and let you marry Phillip. I promised to marry Nicole. I promised to never hurt you. I promised to protect the men in my company. Bang up job, eh?"

She shook her head, at a loss over how to help him, how to change his thinking and make him see how wonderful he was, how strong and brave and how much she loved him.
"There was nothing you could have done in that prison, James. Your men were captives, and so were you. Dai had all the control in there."

"Oh I did plenty, my sweet wife. I did. Shh! I don’t want to discuss this. Go to bed. Go. I don’t want to look at your beautiful, heartbroken face and your tears. Go."

She stared at him, shaking, not sure if she should dare press him to explain. She pulled Phillip closer to her. He slept now. She took him back to his bassinet and forced herself to go back into the living room.

James had picked up the bottle she had left on the carpet and now didn’t bother with the glass but drank the scotch straight from the bottle.

He looked at her and rolled his eyes and began to laugh. "You are a terrible wife, my dear."

She jolted as if he’d slapped her.

"You never do what I tell you. From the moment I met you, you kept pushing your way into my heart. I tell you to go away and you don’t. I told you to marry Phillip and you didn’t. I told you not to come with me to this trial and here you are."

"So, I’m a terrible wife because I don’t leave you," Cassie shot back, fighting the urge to slap him silly.


"So all that for better or worse stuff was a bunch of bunk, huh?" Cassie asked.

"A good wife does what her husband tells her. She sits docilely at home while her husband goes out and takes care of what needs to be done. She has habits like needlepoint and goes shopping and to luncheons. She does not expose herself to terrible things like war stories about monsters but keeps herself away from unpleasantness so that her husband can be with her and feel at ease and relaxed."

"Ohhhh! My mistake, I didn’t know you wanted to be married to a brainless porcelain doll!"

He cocked his head. "Oh no. Not Nicole. I don’t love her . . . I . . . " He squeezed his eyes shut, and banged the back of his head against the wall.

"You what?" she pressed, wiping her damp cheeks.

"I . . . Fucking hell . . . I love you." He grabbed her, and pulled her to him. "I’m selfish and I love you and I wish I could forget and just love you." He cupped her face and shook his head. "But I can hear their voices in my head and they tell me I don’t deserve you. I don’t deserve to live and have babies and a wife and a home because they’re dead."

"Who?" she pressed.

He pushed her away again. "No!"


She darted back when he slumped to the floor and drew his knees up, rubbing his legs through his blue pyjama pants.

"I saw his face. It was all purple and swollen from the rope around his neck. I saw it again tonight, in my dream . . . only he was talking to me."

"He who?" She crouched down next to him.

"He was new. A young private. Maxwell. So innocent. Fuck, I’m cold," he said as his shaking became more violent.

She wrapped her arms around him and rubbed his bare arms. "I love you and I want to share your troubles and ease your burdens."

He sniffled and leaned his head against hers. "You’re such a good wife."

Cassie shook her head at his contradiction. She kissed his cheek, encouraged that he was warming to her again.

"One of the guards took a liking to him. He was a good looking kid. Almost pretty, you know? We all knew it would only be a matter of time. When it happened he was catatonic for days. But the guard wanted him again."

Cassie swallowed down her nausea and wrapped her arms tighter around him.

"There was nowhere to hide. No way to avoid it. He knew it. He asked me to kill him. We didn’t have guns but . . ." He looked at her, shame in his eyes. "We know how to kill without weapons."

Cassie felt cold now as well, but she nodded for him to continue.

"I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t bring myself to do it so he was . . . taken. Later, after work, I came back, and there was Max, hanging over his cot, his eyes staring at me." He groaned then and suddenly jerked away from her and ran to the bathroom to throw up.

She rushed to him and stroked the back of his head as he panted over the toilet. She gave him some water to wash out his mouth.

He brushed his teeth and then washed his face and went to sit on the edge of the tub. "I couldn’t do it. Why couldn’t I do it? I’m a killer. I’ve killed so many men. The enemy. Why couldn’t I do this to save an innocent man from such a horrible fate?"

"Because it’s different to kill a friend than it is an enemy."

"I should have done it for him!" James insisted. "How can you even look at me after what I let happen to them all! It should have been me who died in there. It should have been me!"

"Don’t say that!" Cassie pleaded.

He grabbed her, pressing his fingers into her arms. "Why! Why the hell do you love me? Why do you keep trying to make it all right?"

"Because I’m such an awful wife," she said dryly.

"God damn it," he swore and grabbed the back of her head, closing his mouth over hers.

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Six Sentence Sunday

If all goes well We'll Meet Again will be released tomorrow! (crosses fingers) So I figured one last WMA snippet for ya. Hope you enjoy!

They stayed there, feasting on each other’s mouths, hearing the occasional catcall and grumble in French. They parted when the need for air became too great and even then, his arms stayed around her, holding her at least a foot off the ground. One of her shoes came loose and dropped with a thunk on the wooden platform.

James stayed panting warm air against her face, his eyes open gazing into hers. They flickered briefly with a moment of confusion when he pressed her body closer to his and Cassie understood he must have felt the slight bulge of her stomach through her dress.

Cassie swallowed hard. "There’s something you need to know now."

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Over At Romance With Sass!

I'm so thrilled to be over at bestselling author Margie Church 's blog today! If you want a chance to win a copy of my heart wrenching WW2 romance We'll Meet Again, head on over and say hi!

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New Release Date For We'll Meet Again

Unfortunately the release date for my erotic historical We'll Meet Again has been moved yet again. This time we're keeping our fingers crossed for the 21st, this coming Monday. In the mean time I thought I'd share a sexy excerpt to help ya'll endure the wait!

First the blurb: It's 1943; Cassie Atherton's fiancĂ© Phillip Davis is fighting in the war, and she is doing her part as an American nurse in England. When nursing a seriously injured English captain named Edward James Harrison, Cassie suddenly finds herself truly in love for the very first time. Instantly drawn to each other, Cassie tries to resist James's shameless flirting but the two of them grow close during his convalescence. They know their futures lie elsewhere but neither expect their parting to come when the unexpected death of her father calls Cassie back home. Once he’s fully recovered, James returns to active duty and ends up on a mission with Phillip in Japan where both men are captured. Their joint suffering in the POW camp under Lieutenant Dai bonds them as the best of friends.

They manage to escape and Phillip brings James with him when he returns back home to Boston to meet Cassie, not being aware that the two already know each other. Torn between friendship and love, honor and passion, set against a backdrop of violence and historical upheaval, Cassie and James try to fight a love that refuses to be denied.

Her dress slipped off of her to billow around feet and she let James guide her towards the bed.

Before setting her down on the mattress, he eased her underclothes down and off, followed by his own. Cassie ran her fingers up his strong thighs to the thatch of darker hair at the base of his shaft. She gently circled it with her fingers and smiled when she heard him groan. She liked touching him like this, so intimately and knowing she was giving him pleasure. Cassie stroked him slowly, feeling his thick shaft swell in her hand.
She looked up. His eyes were closed as he bit his lip. She had an idea that shocked her because she had never even contemplated doing it before but she had heard whispers that some women did.
Certain women.
Cassie pressed her lips together. She was a married woman now, should she even be contemplating such a thing? Would James be shocked and disappointed in her if she did it? No. Cassie didn’t think so. He was always kind and honest with her, explaining things she had no knowledge in without making her feel like a silly child.
Being married meant they could do anything, didn’t it?

Cassie leaned forward and pressed her lips to the head of his shaft.
She looked up hesitantly when she heard James gasp. His eyes flew open. Cassie jerked back, afraid he would tell her not to do such a thing ever again.

But he smiled at her, heat in his gaze. "Are you sure you want to, darling?"

Cassie grinned back and shrugged. "I don’t quite know yet. Is it okay to try?"

"Just watch your teeth," he warned.

It took her a second to realize what he meant and then she laughed.
"Oh. Well, yes. That makes sense." She licked her lips and pressed her mouth to the head of his shaft again.

As Cassie touched it with her tongue, she felt James’s fingers dig into her shoulder. He shivered, and she could tell he was making a conscious effort to ease his grip.
She took just the head into her mouth, sucking slowly. She heard his curse above her and her name sounded tight from his lips. She didn’t think she was doing it quite right. There wasn’t the rhythm to it she thought there should be. It wasn’t unpleasant, but Cassie liked kissing him better, liked having him inside of her much better.

Though she did enjoy the sounds her husband was making very, very much.

Then he was pushing her away and she worried she wasn’t doing it right, but she realized with a start that he was very hard now.

"It’s too much right now, sweetheart," he panted. "Perhaps when we go for another round, eh?"

He leaned over her and cupped her mound between her thighs, making her gasp.
"I would very much love to repay you in kind, love."

Cassie shivered, imagining his mouth there. "Oh I think I’d like that," she said eagerly, then blushed at how exuberant she sounded.

"Oh you will." He nodded smugly. He placed a few pillows under her back so that she wasn’t lying flat.

She leaned across to the night table and flipped on the lamp as James shut the light above them and joined her on the bed.

"Now you look golden," Cassie said with an appreciative smile, taking in the hard muscles of his body in the soft light.

He slid his fingers along her thigh until he met her core again. He kissed her as his fingers stroked her slick folds.

Cassie whimpered and she bunched the sheets in her hands, watching him work his way to her collarbone and lower.

One of James’s fingers pressed against the sensitive nub of flesh amid her folds and he rubbed slowly, making Cassie’s breath catch. She closed her eyes, giving herself up to the ecstasy of his touch.

Then there was the heat of his mouth. Everything in Cassie seemed to seize and hover in anticipation of that first touch of his . . .

She cried out when his tongue met her center. Her eyes were squeezed shut, unable to bear seeing him there between her legs, fearing it would be too shameful, fearing the sight would send her over the edge into the biggest orgasm of her young life.

His tongue probed gently, licking, sucking, drawing her nerves tighter and tighter.

He stopped and looked up at her. "How do you feel?"

Cassie met his gaze over the swelling of their child. She could only nod and whimper pleadingly for him to continue.

He chuckled and bent once again to his task until she was writhing restlessly, her skin feeling lit with an electric current that was growing stronger and stronger until he suddenly stopped.

"Why?" she burst out, lifting her head.

James smiled and kissed her. She blinked in surprise, tasting herself.

He pulled away and cupped her between her legs. "Because I want to feel it all around me when you come."

He lay down beside her, and she looked at him in confusion.

"If you’re on top, you might like it better because of the baby."

"Oh," she said. She followed his lead and moved over him, trembling when she felt the head of his length probing at her damp folds. She took a deep breath to still her racing nerves, afraid to go over the edge much too soon. She slowly eased down, feeling every warm inch of his length fill her.

James cupped her breasts, and Cassie didn’t move, loving the feeling of him in that deepest part of her.

"Oh . . . " She sighed. "My husband is so wise," Cassie teased.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

If all goes well with last minute edits, We'll Meet Again should hopefully release this Monday. Shall keep you updated. In honor of this last six before the release, I give you James and Cassandra's first time together.

She expected the pain that everyone told horror stories about, but beyond a slight initial sting, when James pushed into her slowly, Cassie felt perfect, joined in the most basic way to this man who claimed her soul and now body. She opened her eyes and found James looking down at her, restraint tight in his face.

"Are you all right?" he asked, his voice trembling.

She touched his face. "Yes. Very much so. It doesn’t hurt like I thought it would," she admitted, and felt her face heat. "You feel good. Very good."

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New Video Blog!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Thanks to everyone who has been loving these little snippets! We're getting close to the Nov 14 of this passionate, heart wrenching tale. SO excited!

James lowered his head to hers, meeting her eyes. "Because now I can’t let you go," he choked, his eyes filling with tears. "I can’t bear the thought of you leaving here and living the rest of my life without you, not touching you, loving you every day now that I have touched you. And as much I as I love Phillip, I can’t bear the thought of his hands on you instead of mine."

Cassie froze, joy and panic in her heart. "So w…what are you saying?"

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Guest Blog: Welcome Margie Church!

I'm so honored to have the fantastic bestselling author Margie Church on my blog today!!! Give her a lovely welcome!

What's in Your Soul?

Halloween is historically known as All Souls Day and that got me to thinking about seeing into one's soul. Some of us have married our soul mates; some of us have more than one and they might not be the opposite gender. But have you ever had the experience of looking into someone's eyes and feel like they are looking right into your soul? A stranger? An acquaintance? I have.

When my second child was an infant, I used to love to hold him and watch him fall asleep. He'd stare at me with his drooping eyelids and it was such a pleasure to know the last thing he saw was my face. Though days old, I always wondered why I felt a different connection with this child. It wasn't just maternal love. It was something else. I recall holding him and wondering who are you? He felt like this newborn had such an old, peaceful soul. As this child grew, I realized he has my husband's soul. He has many of the same endearing ways that made me fall in love with his dad on first sight! This child is a child of my heart. My firstborn is the child of my wildest dreams.

Another time, a few years ago, a man I occasionally saw around town had been on vacation for a few weeks. We'd known each other for years, but I wouldn't say we were even friends – maybe just friendly. When he returned from his trip, our gazes connected for the briefest moment. I felt that magnetism, but I was doing something else at that second and my brain didn't register what had happened. A minute later, I sat down and awareness dawned on me. Later in that hour, he looked my way again – almost apologetically. I've never forgotten it; we've never spoken of it; and never will.

Another time, I was in Chicago in a cab. We drove past my double. She was walking down the sidewalk, wearing the same raincoat as I. She even had the same haircut. It was uncanny, unnerving. She glanced my way as the cab passed her. I felt like a ghost.

When I develop characters, I look for that one trait that is going to bind them to each other forever. In my vampire series, Love Bites, the vampire Wade tells his beloved Jui, "Distance means nothing to the soul." When she needed him he came from across the world and risked everything. Sigh. When Allaire is kidnapped and missing for months, Devon knew in his soul she wasn't dead. And when Kevin finally accepted his sexuality, he chose Teak. He wouldn't back down or compromise on the choice he knew in his soul was right. In Nopeming Shores, the devastation Lily feels after Gabe is killed is so powerful, he cannot leave the confines of earthly existence. Gabe's soul cannot rest.

Before I give you a chance to win my newest book, Nopeming Shores, I have to thank Nancy for hosting me today. It's very special for me to be here. She and I met several years ago on the fan site, Forbidden Love. Although I've been a total slacker, she continues to deliver amazing fan fiction for the members. I feel like this is a bit of a homecoming to be on her blog and I can't wait to have her at Romance With SASS.

CONTEST: Has anyone ever peered into your soul? How did it make you feel? Share an experience with me and you could win my newest book, Nopeming Shores.
Blurb: Nopeming Shores by Margie Church with J. Andrew Lockhart
An IED snuffed out Gabe Holliway's life, but couldn't destroy his love. Using his unique gift, Gabe struggles to help his young wife, Lily, rebuild her shattered future.

But when Gabe's ghost reaches out to her, Lily fears she's lost her last hold on sanity. Can she trust what she discovers and what her heart says? When she sees Gabe face-to-face, can she believe her eyes?
When love transcends death, the answers are found in Nopeming Shores.

Read the first two chapters of Nopeming Shores and buy the book on Amazon

Margie's website: Romance With SASS
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Six Sentence Sunday

Once again, this weekend's six is from my upcoming historical romance We'll Meet Again! Coming from Noble Romance Nov 14! Hope you enjoy!

"It’s all right, darling. I’d better go now before…well…before," he said, his voice thick.

"James," Cassie pleaded, trembling.

He stopped on his way to the door and gave her a sad smile. "I wish I didn’t have to leave. But we both know I do."

She nodded slowly.

He stood looking at her and quickly walked back to her and grabbed her for one last kiss before pulling away again. "I love you so much," he groaned.

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Blog Hop!

To celebrate Halloween me and a whole slew of fantastic authors are participating in a huge blog hop from now until midnight on the 31st!

Now what does that mean for you? Prizes! Many... many... many... prizes! Each author is offering something on their blog for you to grab.

For myself, I thought in honor of the chilly turn the weather has taken I'd offer a copy of my steamy novella Baby It's Cold Outside!

Just leave a comment here anytime between now and midnight EST on the 31st and I'll pick a winner!

How about a wee peek?

Madeline Delaney has suffered a terrible loss. She's returned to her home town with her daughter to spend Christmas with Madeline's grandmother. Next door is Jack DeLuna, an adolescent crush that seems to be rekindling into a very adult passion. Still reeling from the death of her husband, will Madeline have the courage to let Jack into her heart, or will guilt and the fear of loving someone again keep her from the future Jack has waited years to give her?

“Yes,” she said, firmly pushing the word out before she could talk herself out of it.

“I‟d like to have dinner with you, Jack.”

He smiled at her and exhaled in an endearing display of relief. “I thought you‟d never put me out of my misery.”

“Me neither,” she laughed with a sheepish shrug. “I‟m incredibly nervous about the whole thing but I would very much like to go out on a date with you.”

Jack leaned his head down and Madeline caught her breath, thinking he was going to kiss her.

Did she want him to? Yes, she decided. She did. So when he seemed to change his mind and straightened up, putting his hands in his coat pockets, Madeline took a step forward and pressed her lips to his.

His lips were cold from the chill in the air but quickly warmed as he deepened the kiss.

Madeline felt her knees go a little weak and was grateful to feel Jack‟s arm come around her back to pull her up against him. She clutched at his coat because her senses were spinning under the sweet delicious movement of his lips against hers.

He was pulling away. She whimpered, then broke the kiss as embarrassment flooded her at the needy sound.

His eyes were lit with unmistakable desire as he tucked a loose lock of her black hair behind her ear. “I suppose we should save something for this Saturday but damn I‟ve wanted to do that since I saw you first come out of your car. You‟ve grown into such a beautiful woman, Maddie, you take my breath away. You really do.”

She cleared her throat and touched his coat. “You‟re no slouch in the growing up good department yourself, Jack DeLuna. So Saturday then?” she asked. If she didn‟t stop touching him she was afraid she‟d kiss him again and never want to stop.

He pressed his lips to her cheek. “Saturday,” he confirmed.
She forced herself to turn away and he made his way back down the porch steps to his house as she unlocked her front door and went inside. Her fingers lifted to her lips, still tasting him there.

God, that had been good. She hadn‟t expected to enjoy a simple kiss so much.
“Maybe that just goes to show how hard up you are lately,” she remarked dryly into the darkened corridor. “You‟re probably gonna tackle him as soon as you see him on Saturday and throw him in the backseat before you even say „how do you do?‟”

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Thanks to everyone who are enjoying these little peeks into my upcoming release We'll Meet Again! In this week's snippet, James gives in...just a little.

James took her hands and covered them with his own. With a groan of what sounded like defeat, he spun and grabbed her. His mouth claimed hers in a haze of fire that spread over her entire body and pooled with shocking intensity between her legs.
Cassie whimpered, greedily, and was dimly aware of the sound of the door being slammed shut before he was pushing her against the wall.
His hands cupped her face in a fierce grip as if to hold her there while he feasted on her mouth.
As if she’d ever want to leave.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Thanks so much to all you lovely folks for reading and commenting on these snippets. We're going to continue with another bit from my upcoming historical romance We'll Meet Again, coming Nov 14!

His touch on her bare skin sent a shocking warmth through her that settled low in her belly and farther than that. "And Cassandra, don’t ever ask me again if I feel anything for you. Not ever, unless you want me to dishonour myself and prove it to you." James's voice was rough and filled with unmistakable intent, his breath warm with smoke and coffee and his scent had just the barest hint of woodsy cologne mixed in with his own male scent, wafting over her face.

Cassie’s thighs came together tightly as she felt a fluttering there in between.

Sweet Lord.

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Thanks to everyone who keeps reading and commenting. Love ya muchly! This weeks snippet is once again from my upcoming WW2 erotic romance We'll Meet Again, coming Nov 14! Hope you enjoy!

He held her head still, bringing his other hand to the other side of her face and pressed his forehead against hers. "Cassandra," he sighed, sad and urgent.

"Don’t," she pleaded. "Please, don’t."

"Just a small gesture of farewell, darling?" he asked, pushing a lock of her hair behind her ear.

A kiss wouldn’t have to mean anything in the grand scheme of things, Cassie tried to rationalize through her guilt.

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Six Sentence Sunday

Thanks so much to everyone who drops by and comments! So appreciated! I figured in honor of the upcoming release of my WW2 erotic historical We'll Meet Again, coming Nov 14 I would make every Six Sentence Sunday snippet from now until its release, from We'll Meet Again. Hope you guys enjoy!

First the blurb: It's 1943; Cassie Atherton's fiancĂ© Phillip Davis is fighting in the war, and she is doing her part as an American nurse in England. When nursing a seriously injured English captain named Edward James Harrison, Cassie suddenly finds herself truly in love for the very first time. Instantly drawn to each other, Cassie tries to resist James's shameless flirting but the two of them grow close during his convalescence. They know their futures lie elsewhere but neither expect their parting to come when the unexpected death of her father calls Cassie back home. Once he’s fully recovered, James returns to active duty and ends up on a mission with Phillip in Japan where both men are captured. Their joint suffering in the POW camp under Lieutenant Dai bonds them as the best of friends.

They manage to escape and Phillip brings James with him when he returns back home to Boston to meet Cassie, not being aware that the two already know each other. Torn between friendship and love, honor and passion, set against a backdrop of violence and historical upheaval, Cassie and James try to fight a love that refuses to be denied.

How could she explain that her shortness with him was a result of her own guilt? Of the dream she had last night, a scandalous dream that featured none other than the captain. Captain Edward James Harrison and herself doing things that still made her heart race and her body warm when she thought of them.
Shame filled her, though she tried to tell herself she was not responsible for the content of her dreams. Maybe Nurse Norwich was right. She was getting much too involved with her patients. One very specific patient.

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Playing 20 Questions!

Hey my wuvlies, I'm over at the Rebel Ink Press blog playing 20 Questions and talking about my upcoming release w them, the first book in the Resistance trilogy The Arrangement! Come say hi!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Submission Call

Hey guys, thought I'd pass along this submission call from the lovely folks at Amira Press, home of Redemption, Till Death Do Us Part and many of my other books as well! Want to join me? Here are the details and where you can find out more!

Don't hold back... Let your imagination take over and spin dreams on the pages of your books! Amira Press is looking for the hottest erotic works that will steam up our computer screen and make our editors swoon! Close the curtains and let your mind wander to every erotic destination and character it can find. Then send your manuscript to us! Look at our submission page, and please follow the guidelines. Erotic works in every genre are accepted, especially Shifter, Gay, Menage, and Interracial. So go wild!!

Six Sentence Sunday

Thanks so much to all you lovelies who let me know how much you enjoy these little snippets! For this week I thought I'd share a bit from my steamy futuristic paranormal short Playground Of The Gods

First, thee blurb: Luke and Megan are fighter pilots and soldiers fighting side by side to find a new home for their lost people. They have loved each other for years, but neither will admit it for fear of betraying the memory of their best friend, Megan's dead fiancee. With a little help from the Gods above, will these brave warriors find the courage to engage in a battle for each others hearts?

Hope you enjoy!

He drinks the wine from between her thighs slowly. Her moans, music to his ears. Strong hands grasp her slim legs, holding them steady while his tongue plunders, back and forth, making her ready for when he will thrust himself into her and claim her.

Megan blinked and closed the book. Whoa. Somebody’s been reading porn, she thought with a devilish giggle. But how on Earth had the book ended up wedged in her mattress?

“Ah well, finder’s keepers,” she declared and opened the book again.

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Sara loved Connor, but he was from the wrong side of the tracks. They eloped and her father had him mudered or so she thought. Pregnant and desperate to escape an arranged marriage Sara married Connor's best friend, Aaron. When Connor returns very much alive, Sara is forced to choose between her first love and the new love she's found.

For this week I thought I'd share a snippet from my contemporary romance Till Death Do Us Part available in both ebook and print from Amira Press.

Sara shook her head. She didn’t want Aaron to stay with her. She wanted to be alone. She wanted to just fall into the darkness and never ever come out because the light just hurt too much. Maybe she could just stay here forever. She could lie down on the bed and just wait to die, to join Connor.

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Claire Lauder was the girl next door who fell in love with the boy from the wrong side of the tracks. Now these ex-lovers find themselves on opposite sides of the law, but Claire soon learns that all is not as it seems. Ryan Wyatt is a man with a dark past who is given a second chance. The price? Betray the man and the organization that took him in when he had nothing. but will forgiveness be harder to earn from the woman he has never stopped loving?

For this week I thought I'd share a snippet from my novella Shades Of Grey with Amira Press.

Claire. The name stole his breath from him like a punch, and he slid to the floor, lowering his head to his knees. Had she been told yet? Did she know that the older brother she idolized was dead and that Ryan Wyatt had been there when it happened, had been just as responsible as if he had fired the shot himself? Did she hate him? He told himself he wanted her to hate him, to not be able to care less, really, because when those big blue eyes looked at him with love, he was left shaken and willing to lay himself bare before her, to give up everything just for the pleasure of seeing those eyes light up with love for him.

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Six Sentence Sunday

For this weeks Six Sentence Sunday I thought I'd share a snippet from my paranormal romance Four Winds Of Heaven. I learned that it is #160 over at Fictionwise's bestsellers in Dark Fantasy and I would love to see it crack the top 100 and hope this snippet whets your appetite to pick up your copy Here

“Well, three children had a series of visions of the Holy Mother. During those visions, Mary entrusted them with three secrets. Two have been revealed so far. The third has been highly speculated on.”
“You think we know what it is?” Laura asked, laughing.
“No. I believe you are the third secret of Fatima,” he stated.

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Video Blog

Because I talk too much, this had to be split into 2 videos! Talking about books I'm working on and what's coming up!
Part 1

Part 2

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Six Sentence Sunday

For this week I thought I'd share a snippet from my steamy shortForbidden published by Amira Press!

Alex knocked on Max’s door, and when she turned the doorknob, she realized it was unlocked. She pushed it open and froze at the sound of a female moan coming from the bedroom. Her conscience screamed against what she was about to do. She moved toward the room and tilted her head to watch the heated scene before her through the partly open door.
Max lay on top of Katie, one of Alexandra’s bridesmaids, driving into her. Alex’s face flushed. She shouldn’t be watching this, but some invisible force held her still.

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We'll Meet Again Cover

So thrilled to share the cover for my upcoming historical romance We'll Meet Again!

Six Sentence Sunday

I thought for this week I'd share a snippet from my best selling novella Redemption since you guys are showing that one so much love on All Romance Ebooks. It's published by the lovely folks at Amira Press and you can pick up your copy Here

First, the blurb: On the run from a murderous uncle, Katie Beaumont married outlaw Ben Cready the day before he was supposed to hang. They shared one night of explosive passion and for six months, she'd believed herself a widow. Now Ben is back to claim what's his, and that includes the sweet bride he'd never been able to forget.

“Christ, woman.” His voice was thick as he stared at her, the heat in his eyes making her feel more naked than she already was.
She didn’t think that merited a response.
“I’m gonna fuck you tonight,” he informed her. “You got any objection to that you best tell me now.
She shook her head, then, not wanting him to misunderstand, she quickly added, “No. No I don’t.”
He nodded and then silently walked away.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Thanks so much for all of you who have commented on my snippets! For this week I thought I'd share a snippet from my first ever published short story, from way back in 2008 from Amira Press: To Love A Knight

Nikolas took her hand and placed her fingers on his cock. “Does that feel evil?”

“You feel so warm,” Delia replied. She gave a small squeeze around the thick shaft, and Nikolas moaned. She was about to jerk back her hand, afraid she had hurt him again when he held her fingers in place.

“No, don’t remove them,” he pleaded. His eyes closed, and his neck arched, pressing his head back into the pillow.

“But . . . but you’re hurt. I’m sorry I didn’t know,” she replied, feeling tears of shame spring to her eyes.

“You didn’t hurt me. I moaned because it felt so very good.”

“Really?” she asked in surprise.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Back To Smut Party!

Passing this on for the lovely Dawne Prochilo to all my writer friends. You definitely want to get in on this asap! It sounds like it's gonna be a blast!

You’re invited to participate in a Back-to-Smut Party

When: September 2-7
Where: Sizzling Hot Book Reviews

It’s been a long summer. The kids are antsy and the fathers crabby. The mothers have intervened, entertained, been sunburned and longed for the crisp smell of fall and new pencils. Well, it’s here! Back to school! Or in this case—Back to Smut.

Calling all erotic romance authors to join in the celebration. We’ll share smoldering
excerpts, ogle hot bodies and dish all things sex—all without the impressionable little twerps we adore.

How to sign up: contact me at with the subject BTS party and I’ll send your name to Marissa Dobson, owner of Sizzling Hot Book Reviews. She’ll hook you up with a way to post.

What you’ll need: Blog posts, promo, links, dreamy pics, alpha heroes, sexy heroines and all the things you’d keep from your kids’ sight! And don’t forget to bring a prize or two to draw in readers.

Now sign up and put the call out to all your groups and friends on social media.
Hell, you can even call your mother-in-law…

Redemption Trailer

Since Redemption has been doing so well, I thought I'd share the trailer for my sexy novella! Hope you enjoy it. The lovely Caren Dittbrenner does all my trailers. Redemption is currently 61 on All Romance Ebooks, would love to see it break the top 50!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Redemption Tease!

I was so tickled when I found out that Redemption was in the top 100 American Historical bestsellers over at All Romance Ebooks! It's #64 and I'd love to see it hit the top ten! You can pick up your copy here: Redemption Buy Link To entice you I thought I'd share the blurb and a steamy excerpt! Hope you enjoy!

On the run from a murderous uncle, Katie Beaumont married outlaw Ben Cready the day before he was supposed to hang. They shared one night of explosive passion and for six months, she'd believed herself a widow. Now Ben is back to claim what's his, and that includes the sweet bride he'd never been able to forget.

The first time she’d lain in this bed, it had smelled like him. Ben had told her it had been his mother’s house, a small cottage hidden in the mountains. The perfect hideout for Ben Cready and his gang. The perfect place for Katie to disappear.

Katie had lain there, staring up at the wooden beams above and closed her eyes, letting his warm, musky scent transport her back to the night before when he’d moved over her, doing things to her that had made her body greedy, open, wet and wanting things she had no understanding of.

And oh he’d given. He’d given hard and deep, plunging his cock into her again and again, but she could feel the restraint there in his muscles, saw it in his face. He had held back, for her. It made Katie want it all the more. Want him.

Playing that night over in her mind, Katie had stared up at the ceiling, feeling her most intimate place grow damp. She reached down tentatively under her night gown and jumped at the first touch. She’d let her eyes drift closed and remembered the heavy warmth of his body and his strong, rough fingers stroking her gently, then harder as her passion grew. Katie followed his movements, trying to mimic them with her own fingers. She pushed her fingers into her body. Surely it wasn’t shameful now that she was a married woman.

They weren’t the same as his cock. There wasn’t that deep full thick feeling of being possessed, claimed, taken. He moved slowly, gently with her and Katie realized with a burst of shame that she had bitten into his shoulder once. The memory of his cock hitting a particularly sweet spot made her whimper and gush a little. The broad tanned muscle of his shoulder was there, beckoning her mouth and Katie had only meant to run her lips along the tight skin, but then he’d angled his hips and hit that sweet spot and the sweet burst of sensation had been too much to bear and she’d sunk her teeth into the muscle. He’d groaned above her, pumping a little bit harder.

Reliving that moment, Katie had angled her fingers trying to mimic the movement and while the sensation wasn’t quite the same, Katie had bit into her pillow as she felt the funny climbing sensation begin to tug deep in her belly.

With her other hand, she’d tried to copy how he had stroked that swollen bundle of nerves right above her opening. Here the sensations grew sharper and Katie barely had time to breathe before her body arched upwards, the heels of her feet digging into the mattress and the intense feeling of release seemed to explode through her blood.

“What was that?” she had asked him when it first happened.

“You came, honey,” he hissed through his teeth as he pushed his cock into her.

‘Came’. Such a simple unassuming word to describe the most exquisite feeling Katie had ever experienced.

She’d done that again the next night and many times since. It wasn’t him but it kept the memory of him vibrantly alive for her, that stranger who’d saved her and showed her what passion was.

She woke up in the middle of the night, her heart racing. She must have
screamed because in the darkness she heard his voice.

“Bad dream?”

Her eyes frantically searched him out but Katie could barely make out his silhouette in the doorway. “What happened to the lamp?”

“I blew it out. Wonder you didn’t burn down the house around that pretty head of yours.”

That was the second time he’d called her pretty. Katie tried not to put any stock in it but the one good thing about the darkness was that he couldn’t see her blush. “I can’t sleep when it’s dark. I don’t like it.”

“Well, you can’t sleep with that lamp on neither. I ain’t risking you burnin’ down our house.”

Our house.

She heard his footsteps come closer and she sat up when he was right next to the bed.

“Move over.”

“What?” Katie asked, her heart beat tripling its rhythm. She saw the shine of his grey eyes as he leaned over her and turned the blanket down.

“That’s my side of the bed.”

“I know.”

“I’ll sleep beside you. You won’t need the lamp.”

Katie hesitated afraid to object, afraid that he’d turn back to the cellar, afraid he’d want more, afraid she would. She moved over to the cooler side of the bed and held herself stiff, unsure as he spread himself out next to her.

He didn’t touch her.

Katie bit her lip, unsure of whether she wanted him to.

“Relax. I ain’t gonna ask you for nothin’ tonight. Just sleep.”

She didn’t relax until heard him snoring.

Katie turned to him wishing she could see more than just the faint lines of his face. She felt him breathing against her face and she lifted her fingers hesitantly but then drew them back, not wanting to risk waking him. She fell asleep with his breath against her face and didn’t wake up again until it was morning.

The room was still bathed in grey when Katie became aware of herself again. The first thing she noticed was there was something heavy against her waist and that she was no longer facing Ben. His arm was draped over her waist and her back was nestled against his chest.

And there was something very warm and hard pressed against her bottom. She wondered if it hurt him to feel swollen like that because she knew that she certainly ached in her own place between her legs. Not painfully. It was more a dull throb that she recognized well by now.

She also knew now what she needed to do to relieve it but she didn’t dare. Not here. Not with him lying next to her. Katie breathed shakily. That was the rub though, wasn’t it, she thought. It was the feel of his body, warm and hard lying next to her that was bringing those feelings back a hundred fold. So many nights she had relieved herself imagining his touch, his scent, the coarseness of his body rubbing against hers and now here he was.

He shifted behind her and Katie froze, afraid to move, afraid he would smell her want on her like a beckoning musk. She didn’t want him to know, God, she didn’t. She’d be too embarrassed to have him know how she had dreamed about him.

His arm moved up along her rib cage to her breast and his big hand cupped it over her night gown.

Katie jumped, feeling her nipple tighten against the heat of his palm. She almost leaned into his palm, wanting more but afraid any movement would be seen as a sign of rejection.

He mumbled something behind her but it was unintelligible and Katie wondered if he was still asleep.

His hand squeezed gently and Katie’s eyes fluttered closed, overwhelmed by the sweet ache coursing through her. Her hand fisted the pillow and her breath was coming in short, quick pants, making her breast rise against his palm. She wished he would-

He slipped his hand past the heart shaped collar of her nightgown and Katie whimpered. His hand was now against bare skin as if he’d read her mind. He moved lower to cup her again and Katie felt herself gush embarrassingly between her legs. Ben squeezed the soft skin, scraping his palm over the nipple and then Katie felt his fingers move over it, pinching with slight pressure.

As if following her trail of arousal, Ben moved his hand out from the collar of her nightgown and moved down to her thigh. Katie felt her core throb and clutch desperately at the feel of his hand on her leg, moving higher, pushing the nightgown up as he went. Slipping inside her under clothes, his fingers met bare, wet skin. She bit her lip so hard she almost broke the skin.

Katie heard him groan behind her as he delved into her pussy.
“Remembered you like this,” Ben growled in her ear, making her jump with the realization that he was now if not before, fully awake. “Open and wet…your pussy slick like sweet honey.”

She didn’t know what to say, his touch was stealing all reason from her mind, but he held his fingers still and she knew she’d have to say something or he’d stop. “Please…” she sighed, wanting more, wanting him to move…to pump his fingers like she remembered.

“Stop?” he asked, his voice hard with disappointment.

“No,” she whispered.

He groaned his approval and began to thrust his fingers inside of her. Two fingers, deep into her… pussy. That’s what he’d called the warm, place that seemed to want him so desperately.

Katie couldn’t breathe, having him here, feeling his flesh and blood fingers here inside of her, not her own.

“You gonna come, honey?” Ben asked in her ear, pumping his fingers, making her cry out when he added a third into her.

“Oh….” Katie buried her face in the pillow, the sensations too sharp, too wonderful. They were almost unbearable. “Please…please…” she begged, dying for that sweet oblivion, knowing it would be all the more intense because her fantasy was once again real.

“Come around my fingers, darlin’,” he whispered, his breath hot against the back of her ear.

Her pussy was already clutching him tight, and when he started to pump his hand faster, Katie bit the pillow and screamed hurtling over the knife edge of desire into the most delicious orgasm of her life. It felt like it went on and on and then she realized it was because he hadn’t stopped the movement of his hand. He was still thrusting his fingers hard and fast into her and her pussy was creaming down, coating him, messy and uncaring.

“Come again for me, honey,” he growled in her ear, rubbed the heel of his hand against her clitoris as he pumped and she whimpered at the nearly painful pleasure.
“I don’t think…I can…” she moaned. Surely she couldn’t experience that explosion more than once a night.

“Sure you can,” he assured her and she could hear the amusement in his voice. Katie wanted to turn and look at him but didn’t dare. It was simpler like this, to not have to look at him while he did sinful things to her. But was it sinful? They were married after all. But wasn’t intercourse supposed to be just that, a man putting his seed in his wife to father a child. Not this…this…delicious, touching, stroking…sucking of breasts. He knew of these things because he was an outlaw, a criminal, but what did it make of her that she enjoyed them, wanted them?

True to his word, Katie could feel the tightening begin again deep in her belly like a coiled spring.

“Come for me, my sweet Katie…come for me…” the endearment, the sound of her name from his mouth made her arch back against him and she was coming again, bucking her hips as the explosions rocked off through her blood.

“Good…thatta girl…come, honey. I can feel it, all around my fingers…” he purred in her ear.

Sated, Katie moaned when she regained her senses again and trembled when she felt him remove his fingers.

“Now, I gotta take a piss and ease my own ache, darlin’.”

Katie, pushed herself up onto her watery limbs as she watched him get out of the bed. The image of him relieving his ‘ache’ made her flush with the knowledge that she wanted to see that.

“Get dressed and we’ll go into town, cause I ain’t starting this day on nothing’ but milk.”

Katie nodded quickly, her pussy was still in spasm with after shocks and he must have seen it on her face because his eyes held hers and he swore under his breath and turned away.

“Mister-Ben,” she corrected her self quickly.

He stopped and turned back to her.
“I’m-I’m glad you’re back,” she finished lamely.

Ben stared at her, the seriousness in his gaze making her nervous. She jumped when he chuckled and shook his head as he walked away.

She sat next to him on the buckboard as they rode into town. She was sitting next to her husband. Her husband.

“You need anything besides coffee?” he asked.

“Um… Vegetables…fruit. Some meat.”

He nodded. “I gotta meet with the Sheriff. You take care of them things and wait for me outside the store.”

“I wanted to meet with the Sheriff too,” Katie insisted firmly and he must have guessed by her tone that it wasn’t to make a social call.

He shook his head. “No.”

“Excuse me?”

“You wait for me outside the store, like I say,” Ben ordered.

Katie scowled at him. Part of her said not to push him, but the other part of her stubbornly chafed against being ordered about, especially since both men had taken it upon themselves to leave her in the dark for six months. “I want to speak with him about my Uncle.”

“You let me handle that.”

As they drove into town, heads turned their way with blatant curiosity.

Katie’s cheeks burned under the scrutiny.

“You want out of this marriage you just let me know,” Ben told her.

She turned to him in surprise, a sick tight ball in the pit of her stomach. “What?”

“You ain’t gonna have an easy time of it, being Mrs Cready.”
“I can handle it just fine, thank you,” she said primly. True, there were some folks that treated her like she had some kind of catching disease when they learned who her husband had been…or still was, she amended mentally. That was one of the reasons she loved the house in the mountains, she could hide from the more judgemental townsfolk. There were a few nice people though, Katie learned. They took pity on the young widow and invited her for tea or chatted with her when she had to do her shopping. Pastor McCadden, who had performed the last minute wedding ceremony always had a kind word for her and made sure she was doing well.

“I think you’ll have a harder time of it than I do,” she countered and he snorted at that.

“Never did care much what people thought of me,” he told her, drawing the reigns tight to stop in front of the general store. He hopped down and then came around the wagon to help her to the ground.

“You won’t…cause trouble, will you?” Katie asked afraid that he was headed to the saloon to engage in drinking or gambling or shooting.

He chuckled, an infectious sound that split his face in a grin that gave him an almost childlike appearance. “Honey, don’t you go forgettin’ now. I am trouble.”

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

I thought for this week I'd share a snippet from my very 1st number one best selling short storyTop Guns. It's a quick hot read about best friends becoming more so pick up your copy asap!

The game lasted another twenty minutes. Twenty of the hottest, sweatiest, most breathless minutes without actual touching she had ever been privy to. The room was bathed in the scent of male sweat and damn if it wasn’t making Allie wet as all get out.

It’d been a while since she’d had a good fuck. That was all, she decided, watching Jimmy running back and forth, bending to receive the ball, his shorts caressing the curves of his buttocks. Too damn long, she thought, her mouth dry.

Friday, August 5, 2011

It's All In The Writing

As I've wrapped up the 1st round of edits on my historical romance 'We'll Meet Again' I've been enjoying catching up on one of my favorite new shows The Borgias and checking out that fandom which seems to be all about the illicit yet not yet (if ever) sexual relationship between brother and sister Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia. Though the posters certainly don't leave any real doubt. Kinda surprised the US censors would allow the poster considering how tight assed they seem to be about sexual matters of any kind.

Based on the story of the infamous papal family, The Borgias was the inspiration for Mario Puzo's The Godfather and you can definitely see hints of Michael Corleone in the conflicted Cesare.

Now as I read comments from a serious minority of folks who find that even hinting at a sexual relationship between Cesare and Lucezia to be 'gross' and 'disgusting' it occurred to me that the main reason I don't is because the writing and of course performances by Francois Arnaud and Holliday Graigner are just too damn good. They sell it. The writing sells it and that's the beauty of not just a good show, but a good book.

Set in this day and age, yeah, Cesare and Lucrezia might be a little too off kilter for many but we're talking about the 15th century, we're talking about a power hungry corrupt family whose loyalty is mostly to each other and no other. History is full of sex, power and yes, incest too. I doubt the US or Canada will ever have the balls to really go there with Cesare and Lucrezia. They have no trouble showing us people getting mutilated six ways to Sunday to but anything sexually kinky? Oh hell no. The writing is so good that even a hint of it is latched on to by the majority of viewers and they love it. I admit, it's twisted, but romantic as hell to watch these two in scenes together with that under current of restrained sexuality.

And really, they're hardly the first 'couple' who we shouldn't want to see together but the writing just makes these couples so damn compelling!

Take soaps for example.

On General Hospital you had Luke and Laura who could NOT have had a bigger derailment to their budding romance: He rapes her. A drunken night, a volatile man and emotions neither can control and you have the beginnings of what will become the most famous couple in soap history.

How? The writing was so brilliant that the viewer was pulled through what could have been the point of no return in a less capable writing team's hands.

On Days you have Ej and Sami. They started off all flirty passion and romance and then came a hell of a ballsy twist, Ej turns out to be the son of Sami's family's nemesis. It's Romeo and Juliet with two leads who are nobody's fools. They scheme, they lie, they cheat and the viewers love them. For some, they jumped ship when Ej blackmailed Sami into sleeping with him to save her fiancee at the time. That took some massive balls on head writer Hogan Shaeffer's part and for the most part it paid off because for the majority of us that snowy night in December, we saw more than others did, or more than others were willing too. These were two volatile characters who were crashing against each other. Sami knew Ej adored her and would not have harmed her if she left that car. She gave in because she wanted Ej too but he was the enemy, he was a DiMera and she was a Brady and this has been the push pull of their relationship for the past five years. But Hogan Shaeffer is gone and this couple lost their magic under the writing team that replaced his team. If you follow me on twitter, you know of my utter disdain for soap writer Dena Higley for what she has done to what should have been the next biggest supercouple in soap history. A Brady/DiMera love story? It should have been a no brainer, right? Any romance author worth her salt would have been all over this pair, but alas, the 'brain' part of the equation seems to be missing from Dena's process and the show has suffered for it. Well, she's gone now and the new team is set to take the reigns this Sept. One can only hope this new writing team isn't afraid to explore this gold mine sitting right there for them. That whole debacle with Dena just proved to me how VITAL good writing is. Couples she put together simply don't work because the writing doesn't work. Yes, the performances matter, but in the end it all comes to the writing.

In theory, certain topics are considered by some to be taboo; BDSM, incest, and any other manner of kink you can think of, but if you tell a damn good story the viewers and the readers will follow you anywhere.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Knee deep in 1st round of edits for my WW2 set erotic romance We'll Meet Again coming soon from Noble Romance so thought I'd share a wee snippet from that. This is from Cassie an James' first time making love. Hope you enjoy!

She closed her hand over his and shook her head. "I’m just worried that I won’t know how to please you," Cassie admitted.
He kissed her and took her hand, bringing it down between them. "You don’t need to do anything to please me," he assured her, catching his breath when she wrapped her fingers around his shaft. He stroked her cheek. "Your very existence fills me with a joy I never thought was possible."

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Thanks so much to everyone who has read my snippets thus far and commented! So glad you guys are enjoying them!

For this week's snippet from my wip Wanted, an erotic historical romance set just after the civil war, we get Colin and Mara's first kiss! Hope you enjoy!

He groaned, a primal sound of possession Mara had never heard as his mouth finally closed over hers in a devastating kiss that shook the very earth beneath her. Lost, she grabbed at his shoulders, fearing she would spin off into the world as her senses left her so completely she'd be hard pressed to remember her very own name at the moment. No, he was most definitely not like the French men...boys, she amended, with who she had flirted. None of them had kissed her like this. His mouth moved over hers, opened hers, demanded entrance and when his tongue slid inside Mara whimpered at the delicious, sinful invasion. She followed his lead, kissing him back the way he showed her.

You can find the other great six sentence sunday authors at

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

This week's snippet is from my wip Wanted, a historical erotic romance that takes place after the Civil war.

"Thank you, Mr Morgan."

"Oh please, you must call me Nick." He stepped foreward to take her hand and it was then she noticed his limp. He hadn't had it before she'd left for Paris. A war injury, she supposed. He pressed his mouth to her hand and Mara had a brief thought that she felt nothing, unlike when Colin Beaudine simply looked at her.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thud Thursday

This week's food for the muse courtesy of Mr Crowe.

Now go forth and write!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

I've signed up with many awesome authors at and we're all posting snippets of our wip's! Here's a tiny bit from my wip Sweet Revenge. Hope you enjoy!

Neither of them spoke. Eric's eyes just moved over her as if seeing her for the first time. The evidence of his arousal surged thick between them even through his layers of clothing and Dara fought with every ounce of willpower she possessed not to press her hips down, not to give in to this hungry, monsterous thing between them. All the while her pulse beat a strong rhythm through her blood that told her he knows! He knows how I feel and he feels the same way. God help them both.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Meet Colin Beaudine

Let me introduce you to the sexy hero of my new historical western, Wanted. His name is Colin Beaudine and he's the new ranch hand on the Aubrey plantation in post civil war Virginia. Mara Aubrey, our heroine takes one look a him and of course, decides she must have him. Completely understandable I'd say, wouldn't you?

But of course, our Colin is not without his angst and dark side, as all good heroes usually are. His wife was murdered while he was away fighting in the war and her loss had so destroyed him that he's vowed to never get close to another woman. You see, Colin and his wife had a very special relationship, he was the dominant to her submissive. Now yes Colin does burn to fulfill the those dominant urges and does sometimes use the 'ladies' in town to sate his appetite but he's not looking for a permanent sub. The spoiled, sensual and tempting Mara may just prove too hard for his alpha urges to resist when she insists that she wants to be taken and taken hard, by no one but him.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

THIS IS....Thud Thursday!

Some more yummy food for the muse courtesy of Mr Butler.

No go forth my wuvlies and be inspired...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Can I Come Over And Play?

Hey my wuvlies! I have a potential release date for WMA for Aug 15 (but no cover yet) so I am open for anyone willing to offer guest spots on their blogs to promote it starting now. Comment here or message me at and let me know if I can play in your sand box!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Best Laid Plans

I've always told myself that I should only work on ONE novel at a time. I'm pretty good at filing all those bazillion novel ideas that scream at me with every passing day into neat little folders and away as I work on the current wip.

So how did I end up with THREE wip's this year in various stages of completion?

Well, while I was subbing We'll Meet Again, I thought I'd try and polish up a short quick steamy tale and sub that while I waited to hear back. So when that was done, I hear back from my lovely publisher Amira Press that the paranormal series I wanted to do was not for them but did I have any more yummy cowboys? See, my novella Redemption with Amira is still a really big seller and so I figured, why not? I started working on Wanted. Then I hear back on the short submission, they love it, want it but can I make it into a full length since they think a full length will sell better than if it was a short., so I table Wanted and start expanding my short Sweet Revenge into a full length. Finally, We'll Meet Again gets picked up and Noble loves it so much they ask if I have anything else. Indeed I did, a long sprawling mob themed epic that I've had to cut into a series of three books, the first of which is called The Vendetta, so then I had to table Sweet Revenge as I polished up The Vendetta.

That's how it happened. A case of trying to strike everywhere while the iron was hot. I don't recommend this but hell that just goes to show that nothing ever turns out the way you plan it too.

Though one thing DID come true, I wanted to write three books this year. A crazy ass way to reach my goal but hell, whatever works, right?

So shall I tell you a bit more about my three wips?

We have The Vendetta which I wrapped up and submitted this past week: The O’ Reiley’s and the Dardano families have always despised each other, turning New York City into a war zone and dividing the loyalties of the biggest families in organized crime. When mob princess Brianna O’ Reiley’s husband is murdered under the patriarch Bernardo Dardano’s orders, she vows vengeance on the family that has destroyed hers.

Trying to regroup after her loss, Brianna leaves her young son William with her family and leaves the city to spend sometime alone. A snow storm blows in and she crashes into another car on the road. Both she and the other driver are unharmed and take shelter from the storm where Brianna allows herself for just one night, to forget her tragedy in this stranger’s arms.

They part, neither knowing the other’s identity only to discover in a cruel twist of fate that the passionate stranger who helped her through her grief is none other than Alessandro Dardano, the youngest son of Bernardo, returned to New York from running his father’s business overseas to now take his place as Bernardo’s successor.

And Brianna is now pregnant with his child.

Then there's Wanted which I haven't written up a blurb for yet as it's not done but as of now it's set in post-civil war Virginia. The heroine Mara, has returned to help her parents restore their horse ranch to it's former glory with the help of their ranch of which is our hero who as of yet does not have a name! There's a bit of a BDSM feel about this one that's tickling the muse and if I think I can do a good job, I'll go there. The tone of this one is kind of like Bertrice Small I think.

Finally, there's Sweet Revenge which is my first foray into menage romance with a bit of m/m too. Dara is torn between Jason, her husband and Eric, his best friend. When Jason finds out, he turns the tables on them both by making Eric a permanent third party in their bed but as the three of them try and make their way in this new facet of their relationship, a dark spectre from Jason's past threatens to ruin everything he holds dear.

So with The Vendetta now submitted, now my focus will be on Sweet Revenge and Wanted. I'm going to try and buckle down and focus just on Sweet Revenge but Wanted it looking at me with that flirty look in his eyes...Will I be able to resist? Or well, let me put it to you, which would YOU love to read sooner Wanted or Sweet Revenge? Comment and let me know!