Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Blood Vows Book One-The Vendetta Blog Tour

Coming up on January 15, a bunch of blogs will be hosting my contemporary erotic romance Blood Vows Book One-The Vendetta which has been rocking the top spot in my bestsellers onAmazon for months!

Stay tuned and I will update you on where you can follow me on this mini blog tour!

Wanted Is Here!

You guys have been enjoying my weekly snippets of my historical erotic romance Wanted and now I'm thrilled to say you can finally pick up your very own copy!
It will be available on Amazon, All Romance Ebooks, Barnes and Noble and all major ebook retailers very soon but for now you can grab it straight from Amira Press where it is currently holding the number one bestsellers slot!

Here's the blurb for it:

The Civil War is over, and Mara Aubrey has returned to her beloved plantation in Virginia to find that everything has changed. One change Mara finds she doesn't mind at all is the addition of their new field hand Colin Beaudine, a sexy cowboy whose blue eyes hold the promise of pleasures Mara can't imagine. Mara is used to bending men to her will. Colin is used to women who revel in submitting to him. Has he finally met his match in the spoiled plantation owner's daughter, or is Mara brave enough to learn everything Colin wants to teach her?

Warning: This book contains a deliciously dominant hero that will make you want to obey his every command!

How about a yummy little excerpt if that hot blurb didn't seal the deal yet

“You asked me here,” Mara reminded him. “You wanted me here so we
could continue what we had done last night, because it was so wonderful you
wanted more. I wanted more.”

“Yes,” Colin admitted, and finally closed his mouth over hers. His fingers
dug into her back and he moved them both against the wall. “Damn it, yes.”

Mara gripped his shoulders and pressed herself against the muscled, warm
planes of his body, reveling in the heat he gave off. She wanted to bury herself
in the exquisite warmth. His fingers slid into her hair, and she arched against

Colin groaned and deepened the kiss, sliding his tongue into her mouth
and beckoning hers to meet it.

Mara gave in gladly, gorging herself on the smoky, spicy taste of this man.
His mouth teased, sucked, devoured, and gentled, and throughout the blissful
storm, Mara held on, willingly giving herself up to the delicious torment.

Colin gathered her up in his arms and moved with her toward his bed. He
laid her down, his mouth never leaving hers. Mara wrapped her arms around
his neck, drawing him closer, as close as she could. Yet it wasn’t enough. Her
entire body was greedy for his possession. She tried to slow the fire in her
blood that wanted that ultimate, final claiming. Her brain tried to engage,
tried to signal to her that she wasn’t ready. It was too soon, but her body was
so open, throbbing, and wet that it was hard to pay any mind to logic.

He seemed to instinctively know she wasn’t ready, despite her urgent
movements against him. He broke their kiss and moved his lips down the
column of her neck. His hand slid up her leg, under the layers of her skirt to
the bare skin beneath, inching up toward her thigh.
Mara bit her lip and looked up at the ceiling, rocking her hips, trying to
move his fingers toward that place between her legs. He chuckled softly and
teased just the inside of her thigh.
When Colin pulled his hand away, Mara let out a grunt of frustration and
her cheeks warmed with embarrassment at the sound. He eased the top of her
dress down and Mara buried her face in his hair when he cupped one of her
bared breasts. She pressed her fingers into his shoulders when his mouth
caught a nipple. The heat sent a bolt of electricity sizzling through her body
and settled it in a deep throb between her legs. She whimpered and cupped
the back of his head, pulling him closer, desperate for more.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and rocked against the prominent
bulge there between his thighs feeling him groan against her skin.
He moved to her other breast and teased her until she couldn’t breathe
before easing back and giving her a small smile. His blue eyes shone with such
intensity that Mara was caught up in its blistering heat.

Colin pulled her legs from him and ran his hand along her side, pulling
her dress to her waist. He moved back onto his knees. “I want to see all of
you. I want you bared to me, Mara. Completely.”

She wondered if her skin blushed all over at his words as a tremor of
nervousness went through her. Completely naked. Was she that brave? “Only
if you do the same,” she countered, her mouth dry.

He cocked an eyebrow. “Not just yet. I want you naked on this bed.”

Her chest rose and fell in quick, uneasy breaths. He waited. She nodded

Colin’s gaze met hers and held it while he pulled her dress the rest of the
way down, along with her underclothes.

Once she was completely bared to him, Mara squeezed her eyes shut,
shyness getting the best of her until Colin’s smooth voice coaxed her eyes

“Mara, I want your eyes on me. Open those beautiful blue eyes.” His
hand rested on her stomach, warm and callused, sending shivers through her

Calling up her courage, Mara opened her eyes and Colin smiled at her.

“Ah yes. Those eyes. Those eyes that have haunted me, tormented me.” His
hand moved down her stomach to just above her mound.

Mara’s stomach clenched in response and she nudged her hips higher,
wanting his fingers lower.

“What, sweet Mara? What is it that you want?”

She moaned in response. “Touch me. Please.”

His finger slipped between her damp lips for the briefest stroke before
pulling back and resting against the curved bone.

Mara whimpered in protest. “Colin…”

He nuzzled her neck while his finger slid back between her folds. He
found the swollen nub between her soft lips and Mara bucked.

“God…yes…there,” she sighed. “More.”

Colin nipped at her collarbone while he rubbed her in slow, circles. His
mouth continued a slow, teasing journey down her body as his fingers created
delicious havoc in her blood. He ran his tongue along the curve of first one
breast, then the other before tasting a path down her chest to her stomach.

He eased a finger inside of her and Mara moaned and arched against the

Mara wished she could do something for him to please him in the same
blissful way he was doing to her, but it was so hard to concentrate through
the fog of searing pleasure. She gripped his shoulders, pressing her fingers
into the smooth skin over hard muscle.

He added a second finger and Mara’s breath caught when he dotted kisses
along her abdomen. He looked up at her with a smile of promise, a promise
of what, she didn’t understand until his lips continued to move lower.

“Don’t make any noise,” he warned.

Surely he wasn’t— Mara cried out when his mouth joined his fingers
between her legs. Oh dear God! She’d heard of such things in Paris, but she
hadn’t believed, never would have imagined something so…degenerate,
foreign, wrong could feel so good!

He eased back for a moment and lifted his gaze to hers just long enough
to bring a finger to his lips in a reminder to keep quiet.

Mara wasn’t sure she would be able to. When his mouth returned
between her thighs, she had to cover her mouth to keep in the moan of bliss
that bubbled up in her throat and threatened to escape.

Colin lapped at her gently with soft, teasing strokes and Mara gripped his
hair even tighter while her hips rocked greedily. He pulled back again and his
eyes held hers, a new light in them, a flicker of something she didn’t
understand. Challenge? “I want something from you now.”

“Anything.” She lifted her hips, searching out his mouth again. Now that
she knew such a thing was possible, she didn’t care if it was right or wrong.
She wanted only more.

He cocked an eyebrow as if he knew she wasn’t capable of what he was
going to demand. “I want you to keep your hands on the bed. Do not touch

Mara blinked. “Why not?” Even as she knew such a thing wasn’t going to
be possible.

“Because I’m ordering you to. It is what I want,” Colin explained.

Mara lifted her head, incredulous that he thought he could order her to
do anything! “Ordering—oh God!” She moaned as his tongue probed her
folds again.

“If you put your hands on me, I will stop. Is that understood?”

His tone was firm, unyielding. If he’d been anyone else, Mara would have
told him to go jump in the lake, but oh God, what he was doing to her left her

weak and gasping and willing to follow any dictate he wished.