Saturday, December 31, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

For this week's six I thought I'd start the new year off with a snippet from my upcoming release with Rebel Ink Press 'The Arrangement' Book One of the Resistance trilogy. First the blurb:

Elsa Mostek is a young Jewish woman who is forced to move with her family from the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland to the Auschwitz concentration camp in 1943. She immediately draws the attention of Nazi Officer Friedrich Weiss who inexplicably shows favor towards her and helps her escape harm many times thanks to the power he wields in the camp. Aware that many of her fellow female prisoners are bartering their bodies for survival and in
desperation to save her starving family, Elsa makes an offer to Friedrich.

What Elsa does not know is that Friedrich is a spy with the German Resistance that has infiltrated the Nazi regime. He must keep up the pretense of loyalty to Hitler's cause as he sends secrets to those on the outside.

Friedrich doesn't want to take advantage of Elsa but can't help wanting her. As the misery of his position increases, she offers him the only light left in a world of darkness and despite his best intentions, Friedrich gives in to her offer. Passion explodes between them, giving them a reprieve from the monstrous world they inhabit, though both know it can never last.

Now my snippet:

“Come. We’re already late,” he said.

“Dammit, Friedrich. You’re not any fun at all,” the shorter man complained.

“She’s a Jew. You don’t know what you might catch,” the taller man…Friedrich…warned with such derision that Elsa wanted to slap his face.

She was untouched and proud of herself for keeping her virtue in tact when so many of her friends were selling themselves food and protection. God willing it never came to that for her.

“I’d slit my throat first,” she grumbled under her breath but the one called Friedrich must have heard her because his eyes held hers for a moment and Elsa couldn’t breathe until he turned away, pulling his friend with him.

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Here's another snippet this week from my steamy Christmas novella Baby It's Cold Outside

The girls wanted to know about her so-called glamorous life in Hollywood. Well, what they really wanted to know was if she‟d ever met Robert Pattinson.

“Yep. The accent‟s fake, I'm afraid. He's actually from Jersey,” she joked and at their horrified glances rushed ahead to assure them that she was only teasing.

Jack shook his head. “One does not joke about Twilight. Ever,” he added with mock seriousness.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

On The Third Day Of Christmas

My free sexy story for the 12 Days Of Naughty Giveaways 'Three French Hens' is now up for you and we all know being naughty is a lot more fun than being nice so how would YOU get on Santa's naughty list? Head on over to the 12 Days Of Naughty Giveaways Blog and give me your answer for a chance to win a free copy of my Christmas novella Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Monday, December 12, 2011

12 Days Of Naughty Giveaways!

12 Authors, 12 Naughty Giveaways, 12 Naughty Shorties over 12 Days. Come see why being on Santa's Naughty List isn't that bad...

Starting today, myself and 11 other fantastic authors are participating in a Christmas giveaway in homage to the 12 days of Christmas. Every day from the 12 until the 25th you'll get a FREE steamy story, based on the song. I got #3 Three French Hens and you should see that one up on Wednesday. Along with a free sexy tale, each of us is giving you a chance to win one of our hot romances. I'm giving away a copy of my novella Baby, It's Cold Outside! For all the info and to have a look at the first delicious story by Robin Badillo, head on over to: The Naughty Pages Of Phoenix Blog!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

After some very annoying technical difficulties, here's another six from my steamy Christmas novella 'Baby It's Cold Outside' Available at Sugar and Spice Press

“Of course it does. I always say there‟s two ways to a man‟s heart. One is through his stomach.”

“Grandma!” Madeline scolded.

“What's the other one?” Katie asked her.

“Why his mind, of course,” Meggie replied with wink at Jack.

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

I figured since December means Christmas, I would share snippets from my Christmas themed novella Baby It's Cold Outside available at Sugar and Spice Press all month long!

First, the blurb: Madeline Delaney has suffered a terrible loss. She's returned to her home town with her daughter to spend Christmas with Madeline's grandmother. Next door is Jack DeLuna, an adolescent crush that seems to be rekindling into a very adult passion. Still reeling from the death of her husband, will Madeline have the courage to let Jack into her heart, or will guilt and the fear of loving someone again keep her from the future Jack has waited years to give her?

Jack DeLuna. Good lord.
“Hi,” Maddie replied, feeling a ridiculous girlish shiver that reminded her of the teenager she had been with her first serious crush on the handsome Mexican boy. She shook her head, telling herself she was shivering because of the cold.

He put the shovel down and walked over to her, a wide smile on his face. “I heard you were coming back to town. It‟s good to see you.”

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