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Six Sentence Sunday

Now that We'll Meet Again has been released, I thought I'd shift focus this week with a snippet from my contemporary romantic suspense Strawberry Wine available at Sugar and Spice Press!

First the blurb: Laura and Caleb were teenage sweethearts. Then Laura disappeared, leaving nothing behind but a simple note.

Now she’s back, a street smart cop on the trail of an underground child sex slave operation right in the heart of New York City and she’s been sent to Caleb’s division to help bring down one of the most reprehensible men in the country. When the old lovers are partnered up, can they put their old hurts aside to do their jobs and save the children?

“Caleb has just been made the lead detective on that case. You‟ll be working with him on this.”

The room around her seemed to shrink, and Laura held her breath for so long only the pressure in her chest reminded her that she wasn‟t breathing. When she tried to take in air, she choked on it and coughed violently.

Sergeant McKinney stood up and got her some water from the cooler in the corner of his office.

She downed it in one gulp and crunched the paper cup.

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We'll Meet Again Release Day Contest

All over the intergooglewebs we're celebrating the release of my WW2 erotic historical romance We'll Meet Again there are a whole bunch of places you can win a copy! If you just can't wait, head on over and pick up your copy right now! I'm having contests on Facebook and Twitter and as a guest on some fantastic authors blogs. So of course I'm going to have one on my own blog too for all my lovely followers!

First how about an excerpt? After surviving being tortured in a prison camp James has been suffering from nightmares about the men he couldn't save. Tonight, he takes solace in the bottle, much to the panic of his new wife.

Later that night, Cassie turned towards James, coming awake when she suddenly noticed the usual weight of his arm around her waist wasn’t there.

She sighed and ran her hand along the mattress, opening her eyes when she didn’t feel his body next to her.

He wasn’t in the bed.

Cassie felt her stomach plummet as she scrambled off the bed. She pulled on her violet cotton robe and wrapped it tight around her middle. She bit her thumb as she rushed out of the bedroom and turned in to the living room, stopping when she saw James on the couch, his head bowed.

Thank God.

He lifted his head abruptly, making Cassie jump. She noticed her had a bottle of something clutched to his stomach and a shot glass on the coffee table. The smell of liquor hit her strongly, and the shine on the wood surface proved to be liquor he had spilled.

"What are you doing?" she asked softly.

"Getting fucking drunk, wife dear. Care to join me?" he asked dryly.

"No," she said sitting down next to him. "Why?"

"Why indeed," he said. "I don’t rightly know, love. I have everything I never even really knew I wanted. Beautiful wife, beautiful son, a military career if I want it, a home, a position as head of the family business. What could possibly be wrong?" He gave a bitter laugh.

"I don’t know." Cassie watched him uneasily. "Why don’t you give me the bottle?"

"No," he insisted, clutching it closer. "No." He reached his hand to her and patted her shoulder. "Why don’t you go back to bed, sweetheart?"

"James, I’m not going to leave you here to get blind drunk."

"Would you just give me some fucking space, damn it!" He threw the bottle against the wall, shattering it.

Cassie jumped, panicked at his anger. She cringed when she heard Phillip begin to cry.

"Go," he ordered. "Go tend to him."

She gritted her teeth but stood up and went to pick up Phillip out of the bassinet, assuring a worried Virgie that she could go back to her room. Cassie brought him into the living room.

"You’re a mean drunk," she accused.

He laughed bitterly at that but stopped when he saw that she carried Phillip with her. "I thought you were going to put him back to sleep."

"You thought wrong," she said, stiffening her spine. "We are not leaving you to wallow alone. Tell me what happened to cause you to get yourself drunk."

He stood up and went to get another bottle out of the small fridge. He came back and started to pour the liquor into the shot glass.

Cassie moved the shot glass out of his reach, causing the liquor to spill.

He glared at her and pulled it back and resumed pouring.

Cassie again leaned over and pushed the glass away.

He slammed the bottle down on the table in frustration, and a frisson of fear went through her. Before she could chicken out, she reached for the bottle and held it to her.

"You want it back? Start talking," Cassie ordered though she certainly had no intention of giving him the bottle again. "Did you have a nightmare?"
Phillip reached his small hand towards the neck of the bottle, grunting in annoyance when she lowered the bottle to carpet, next to her legs.

"I didn’t do enough," he said, his voice thick with sadness. "I couldn’t stop what happened to Phillip. I couldn’t stop what happened to any of them. There was this one man, Dai ordered him beheaded, and I couldn’t do a fucking thing! Everything they mentioned in court . . . everything, Cassandra."

She held her breath, wondering if he had lied about Phillip to protect her. To not have her memory of him tainted by knowing Phillip had been raped.

He shook his head and stood up, unsteady on his feet. "No. No point in talking about it again and again." He paced, shaking his head at her. He pointed to the door. "You should go. Really. You should just take the baby and go home. Go home to Boston, to your mum. Don’t think about me. Don’t love me. Just go away, Cassandra. Please just go away."

"Stop it!" she demanded, softly. Her eyes filled with frustrated tears. "Stop trying to push me away. You promised. You promised you wouldn’t do this."

"Ah yes, well, I promised many things, didn’t I?" he sneered, leaning against the wall. "I promised to back away and let you marry Phillip. I promised to marry Nicole. I promised to never hurt you. I promised to protect the men in my company. Bang up job, eh?"

She shook her head, at a loss over how to help him, how to change his thinking and make him see how wonderful he was, how strong and brave and how much she loved him.
"There was nothing you could have done in that prison, James. Your men were captives, and so were you. Dai had all the control in there."

"Oh I did plenty, my sweet wife. I did. Shh! I don’t want to discuss this. Go to bed. Go. I don’t want to look at your beautiful, heartbroken face and your tears. Go."

She stared at him, shaking, not sure if she should dare press him to explain. She pulled Phillip closer to her. He slept now. She took him back to his bassinet and forced herself to go back into the living room.

James had picked up the bottle she had left on the carpet and now didn’t bother with the glass but drank the scotch straight from the bottle.

He looked at her and rolled his eyes and began to laugh. "You are a terrible wife, my dear."

She jolted as if he’d slapped her.

"You never do what I tell you. From the moment I met you, you kept pushing your way into my heart. I tell you to go away and you don’t. I told you to marry Phillip and you didn’t. I told you not to come with me to this trial and here you are."

"So, I’m a terrible wife because I don’t leave you," Cassie shot back, fighting the urge to slap him silly.


"So all that for better or worse stuff was a bunch of bunk, huh?" Cassie asked.

"A good wife does what her husband tells her. She sits docilely at home while her husband goes out and takes care of what needs to be done. She has habits like needlepoint and goes shopping and to luncheons. She does not expose herself to terrible things like war stories about monsters but keeps herself away from unpleasantness so that her husband can be with her and feel at ease and relaxed."

"Ohhhh! My mistake, I didn’t know you wanted to be married to a brainless porcelain doll!"

He cocked his head. "Oh no. Not Nicole. I don’t love her . . . I . . . " He squeezed his eyes shut, and banged the back of his head against the wall.

"You what?" she pressed, wiping her damp cheeks.

"I . . . Fucking hell . . . I love you." He grabbed her, and pulled her to him. "I’m selfish and I love you and I wish I could forget and just love you." He cupped her face and shook his head. "But I can hear their voices in my head and they tell me I don’t deserve you. I don’t deserve to live and have babies and a wife and a home because they’re dead."

"Who?" she pressed.

He pushed her away again. "No!"


She darted back when he slumped to the floor and drew his knees up, rubbing his legs through his blue pyjama pants.

"I saw his face. It was all purple and swollen from the rope around his neck. I saw it again tonight, in my dream . . . only he was talking to me."

"He who?" She crouched down next to him.

"He was new. A young private. Maxwell. So innocent. Fuck, I’m cold," he said as his shaking became more violent.

She wrapped her arms around him and rubbed his bare arms. "I love you and I want to share your troubles and ease your burdens."

He sniffled and leaned his head against hers. "You’re such a good wife."

Cassie shook her head at his contradiction. She kissed his cheek, encouraged that he was warming to her again.

"One of the guards took a liking to him. He was a good looking kid. Almost pretty, you know? We all knew it would only be a matter of time. When it happened he was catatonic for days. But the guard wanted him again."

Cassie swallowed down her nausea and wrapped her arms tighter around him.

"There was nowhere to hide. No way to avoid it. He knew it. He asked me to kill him. We didn’t have guns but . . ." He looked at her, shame in his eyes. "We know how to kill without weapons."

Cassie felt cold now as well, but she nodded for him to continue.

"I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t bring myself to do it so he was . . . taken. Later, after work, I came back, and there was Max, hanging over his cot, his eyes staring at me." He groaned then and suddenly jerked away from her and ran to the bathroom to throw up.

She rushed to him and stroked the back of his head as he panted over the toilet. She gave him some water to wash out his mouth.

He brushed his teeth and then washed his face and went to sit on the edge of the tub. "I couldn’t do it. Why couldn’t I do it? I’m a killer. I’ve killed so many men. The enemy. Why couldn’t I do this to save an innocent man from such a horrible fate?"

"Because it’s different to kill a friend than it is an enemy."

"I should have done it for him!" James insisted. "How can you even look at me after what I let happen to them all! It should have been me who died in there. It should have been me!"

"Don’t say that!" Cassie pleaded.

He grabbed her, pressing his fingers into her arms. "Why! Why the hell do you love me? Why do you keep trying to make it all right?"

"Because I’m such an awful wife," she said dryly.

"God damn it," he swore and grabbed the back of her head, closing his mouth over hers.

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Six Sentence Sunday

If all goes well We'll Meet Again will be released tomorrow! (crosses fingers) So I figured one last WMA snippet for ya. Hope you enjoy!

They stayed there, feasting on each other’s mouths, hearing the occasional catcall and grumble in French. They parted when the need for air became too great and even then, his arms stayed around her, holding her at least a foot off the ground. One of her shoes came loose and dropped with a thunk on the wooden platform.

James stayed panting warm air against her face, his eyes open gazing into hers. They flickered briefly with a moment of confusion when he pressed her body closer to his and Cassie understood he must have felt the slight bulge of her stomach through her dress.

Cassie swallowed hard. "There’s something you need to know now."

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Over At Romance With Sass!

I'm so thrilled to be over at bestselling author Margie Church 's blog today! If you want a chance to win a copy of my heart wrenching WW2 romance We'll Meet Again, head on over and say hi!

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New Release Date For We'll Meet Again

Unfortunately the release date for my erotic historical We'll Meet Again has been moved yet again. This time we're keeping our fingers crossed for the 21st, this coming Monday. In the mean time I thought I'd share a sexy excerpt to help ya'll endure the wait!

First the blurb: It's 1943; Cassie Atherton's fiancĂ© Phillip Davis is fighting in the war, and she is doing her part as an American nurse in England. When nursing a seriously injured English captain named Edward James Harrison, Cassie suddenly finds herself truly in love for the very first time. Instantly drawn to each other, Cassie tries to resist James's shameless flirting but the two of them grow close during his convalescence. They know their futures lie elsewhere but neither expect their parting to come when the unexpected death of her father calls Cassie back home. Once he’s fully recovered, James returns to active duty and ends up on a mission with Phillip in Japan where both men are captured. Their joint suffering in the POW camp under Lieutenant Dai bonds them as the best of friends.

They manage to escape and Phillip brings James with him when he returns back home to Boston to meet Cassie, not being aware that the two already know each other. Torn between friendship and love, honor and passion, set against a backdrop of violence and historical upheaval, Cassie and James try to fight a love that refuses to be denied.

Her dress slipped off of her to billow around feet and she let James guide her towards the bed.

Before setting her down on the mattress, he eased her underclothes down and off, followed by his own. Cassie ran her fingers up his strong thighs to the thatch of darker hair at the base of his shaft. She gently circled it with her fingers and smiled when she heard him groan. She liked touching him like this, so intimately and knowing she was giving him pleasure. Cassie stroked him slowly, feeling his thick shaft swell in her hand.
She looked up. His eyes were closed as he bit his lip. She had an idea that shocked her because she had never even contemplated doing it before but she had heard whispers that some women did.
Certain women.
Cassie pressed her lips together. She was a married woman now, should she even be contemplating such a thing? Would James be shocked and disappointed in her if she did it? No. Cassie didn’t think so. He was always kind and honest with her, explaining things she had no knowledge in without making her feel like a silly child.
Being married meant they could do anything, didn’t it?

Cassie leaned forward and pressed her lips to the head of his shaft.
She looked up hesitantly when she heard James gasp. His eyes flew open. Cassie jerked back, afraid he would tell her not to do such a thing ever again.

But he smiled at her, heat in his gaze. "Are you sure you want to, darling?"

Cassie grinned back and shrugged. "I don’t quite know yet. Is it okay to try?"

"Just watch your teeth," he warned.

It took her a second to realize what he meant and then she laughed.
"Oh. Well, yes. That makes sense." She licked her lips and pressed her mouth to the head of his shaft again.

As Cassie touched it with her tongue, she felt James’s fingers dig into her shoulder. He shivered, and she could tell he was making a conscious effort to ease his grip.
She took just the head into her mouth, sucking slowly. She heard his curse above her and her name sounded tight from his lips. She didn’t think she was doing it quite right. There wasn’t the rhythm to it she thought there should be. It wasn’t unpleasant, but Cassie liked kissing him better, liked having him inside of her much better.

Though she did enjoy the sounds her husband was making very, very much.

Then he was pushing her away and she worried she wasn’t doing it right, but she realized with a start that he was very hard now.

"It’s too much right now, sweetheart," he panted. "Perhaps when we go for another round, eh?"

He leaned over her and cupped her mound between her thighs, making her gasp.
"I would very much love to repay you in kind, love."

Cassie shivered, imagining his mouth there. "Oh I think I’d like that," she said eagerly, then blushed at how exuberant she sounded.

"Oh you will." He nodded smugly. He placed a few pillows under her back so that she wasn’t lying flat.

She leaned across to the night table and flipped on the lamp as James shut the light above them and joined her on the bed.

"Now you look golden," Cassie said with an appreciative smile, taking in the hard muscles of his body in the soft light.

He slid his fingers along her thigh until he met her core again. He kissed her as his fingers stroked her slick folds.

Cassie whimpered and she bunched the sheets in her hands, watching him work his way to her collarbone and lower.

One of James’s fingers pressed against the sensitive nub of flesh amid her folds and he rubbed slowly, making Cassie’s breath catch. She closed her eyes, giving herself up to the ecstasy of his touch.

Then there was the heat of his mouth. Everything in Cassie seemed to seize and hover in anticipation of that first touch of his . . .

She cried out when his tongue met her center. Her eyes were squeezed shut, unable to bear seeing him there between her legs, fearing it would be too shameful, fearing the sight would send her over the edge into the biggest orgasm of her young life.

His tongue probed gently, licking, sucking, drawing her nerves tighter and tighter.

He stopped and looked up at her. "How do you feel?"

Cassie met his gaze over the swelling of their child. She could only nod and whimper pleadingly for him to continue.

He chuckled and bent once again to his task until she was writhing restlessly, her skin feeling lit with an electric current that was growing stronger and stronger until he suddenly stopped.

"Why?" she burst out, lifting her head.

James smiled and kissed her. She blinked in surprise, tasting herself.

He pulled away and cupped her between her legs. "Because I want to feel it all around me when you come."

He lay down beside her, and she looked at him in confusion.

"If you’re on top, you might like it better because of the baby."

"Oh," she said. She followed his lead and moved over him, trembling when she felt the head of his length probing at her damp folds. She took a deep breath to still her racing nerves, afraid to go over the edge much too soon. She slowly eased down, feeling every warm inch of his length fill her.

James cupped her breasts, and Cassie didn’t move, loving the feeling of him in that deepest part of her.

"Oh . . . " She sighed. "My husband is so wise," Cassie teased.

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Six Sentence Sunday

If all goes well with last minute edits, We'll Meet Again should hopefully release this Monday. Shall keep you updated. In honor of this last six before the release, I give you James and Cassandra's first time together.

She expected the pain that everyone told horror stories about, but beyond a slight initial sting, when James pushed into her slowly, Cassie felt perfect, joined in the most basic way to this man who claimed her soul and now body. She opened her eyes and found James looking down at her, restraint tight in his face.

"Are you all right?" he asked, his voice trembling.

She touched his face. "Yes. Very much so. It doesn’t hurt like I thought it would," she admitted, and felt her face heat. "You feel good. Very good."

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New Video Blog!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Thanks to everyone who has been loving these little snippets! We're getting close to the Nov 14 of this passionate, heart wrenching tale. SO excited!

James lowered his head to hers, meeting her eyes. "Because now I can’t let you go," he choked, his eyes filling with tears. "I can’t bear the thought of you leaving here and living the rest of my life without you, not touching you, loving you every day now that I have touched you. And as much I as I love Phillip, I can’t bear the thought of his hands on you instead of mine."

Cassie froze, joy and panic in her heart. "So w…what are you saying?"

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Guest Blog: Welcome Margie Church!

I'm so honored to have the fantastic bestselling author Margie Church on my blog today!!! Give her a lovely welcome!

What's in Your Soul?

Halloween is historically known as All Souls Day and that got me to thinking about seeing into one's soul. Some of us have married our soul mates; some of us have more than one and they might not be the opposite gender. But have you ever had the experience of looking into someone's eyes and feel like they are looking right into your soul? A stranger? An acquaintance? I have.

When my second child was an infant, I used to love to hold him and watch him fall asleep. He'd stare at me with his drooping eyelids and it was such a pleasure to know the last thing he saw was my face. Though days old, I always wondered why I felt a different connection with this child. It wasn't just maternal love. It was something else. I recall holding him and wondering who are you? He felt like this newborn had such an old, peaceful soul. As this child grew, I realized he has my husband's soul. He has many of the same endearing ways that made me fall in love with his dad on first sight! This child is a child of my heart. My firstborn is the child of my wildest dreams.

Another time, a few years ago, a man I occasionally saw around town had been on vacation for a few weeks. We'd known each other for years, but I wouldn't say we were even friends – maybe just friendly. When he returned from his trip, our gazes connected for the briefest moment. I felt that magnetism, but I was doing something else at that second and my brain didn't register what had happened. A minute later, I sat down and awareness dawned on me. Later in that hour, he looked my way again – almost apologetically. I've never forgotten it; we've never spoken of it; and never will.

Another time, I was in Chicago in a cab. We drove past my double. She was walking down the sidewalk, wearing the same raincoat as I. She even had the same haircut. It was uncanny, unnerving. She glanced my way as the cab passed her. I felt like a ghost.

When I develop characters, I look for that one trait that is going to bind them to each other forever. In my vampire series, Love Bites, the vampire Wade tells his beloved Jui, "Distance means nothing to the soul." When she needed him he came from across the world and risked everything. Sigh. When Allaire is kidnapped and missing for months, Devon knew in his soul she wasn't dead. And when Kevin finally accepted his sexuality, he chose Teak. He wouldn't back down or compromise on the choice he knew in his soul was right. In Nopeming Shores, the devastation Lily feels after Gabe is killed is so powerful, he cannot leave the confines of earthly existence. Gabe's soul cannot rest.

Before I give you a chance to win my newest book, Nopeming Shores, I have to thank Nancy for hosting me today. It's very special for me to be here. She and I met several years ago on the fan site, Forbidden Love. Although I've been a total slacker, she continues to deliver amazing fan fiction for the members. I feel like this is a bit of a homecoming to be on her blog and I can't wait to have her at Romance With SASS.

CONTEST: Has anyone ever peered into your soul? How did it make you feel? Share an experience with me and you could win my newest book, Nopeming Shores.
Blurb: Nopeming Shores by Margie Church with J. Andrew Lockhart
An IED snuffed out Gabe Holliway's life, but couldn't destroy his love. Using his unique gift, Gabe struggles to help his young wife, Lily, rebuild her shattered future.

But when Gabe's ghost reaches out to her, Lily fears she's lost her last hold on sanity. Can she trust what she discovers and what her heart says? When she sees Gabe face-to-face, can she believe her eyes?
When love transcends death, the answers are found in Nopeming Shores.

Read the first two chapters of Nopeming Shores and buy the book on Amazon

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