Friday, December 22, 2017

Cover Reveal: Resistance Book Three-The Atonement

Cover reveal for #Resistance Book Three: #TheAtonement Coming Jan 2018! Thanks so much to Julia LeBlanc for working on it for me. 
Blurb: Friedrich and Elsa are free. Having escaped Switzerland after being falsely accused of murder, Elsa hopes that her new life in America with the man she loves and their little girl can finally bring them the peace they have fought so hard for since the beginning of the war.

But there are still scores to settle, still those who would exploit Friedrich's true identity for their own purposes. It is with the promise of help from the founder of the CIA, William Donovan; that Friedrich agrees to one last mission. Just one last assignment and Donovan promises he will arrange it so that Friedrich and Elsa can stop looking over their shoulders.

Friedrich leaves his newly formed family for Moscow on the trail of a German spy and is captured soon after by the Russian police.

Elsa makes the heart wrenching decision to leave their little girl and search for the man she loves, but will Donovan and his organization help her at the risk of exposing the all important mission? Or is Friedrich lost to them all forever?