Saturday, February 25, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

I'm so glad you guys are enjoying these little peeks into my upcoming contemporary erotic romance, The Vendetta. Here's this week's six!

“I thought we weren’t doing personal details?” He asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Nope, just not names. I think it’s a bit…I don’t know easier that way, don’t you? No baggage, no expectations, just two strangers taking shelter from this crazy storm. I like that idea that the outside world just stops for now.”

“The world stopping. How tempting,” he said, his brown eyes meeting hers, full of hidden meaning.

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Another sneak peek this week from the first book in my upcoming Blood Vows trilogy 'The Vendetta' coming soon from No Boundaries Press! In this snippet, we meet Alessandro. Hope you enjoy!

When he rounded the long thick white beam in the center of the room his heart felt as if it had stopped in his chest. Her head was tilted to the side, resting against the pillar and her face was flushed in sleep. Good God, she was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. For a moment Alessandro couldn’t breathe. He just stood there and watched her, watched her chest rising and falling with each breath. This slip of a girl had pulled him from his car and all but carried him to safety?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

For the next Six Sentence Sundays until its release with No Boundaries Press I will be sharing as of yet unedited snippets from the first book in my upcoming Blood Vows Trilogy called The Vendetta, a contemporary erotic romance about rival mafia families.

Our hero and heroine have just met via a road collision and neither know who the other is at this point. Hope you enjoy!

“I’m going to try and cut you free.” Bree worked furiously, trying not to pay attention to the flames above her getting bigger and warming her face.

“ ‘side down?” he asked, groggily registering his position.

“Yeah. This would be a good time for a ‘dropped on your head’ joke.” She slid her legs in through the window, trying to give him something soft to land on if he couldn’t brace himself.

“Think you can hold on?” Bree asked him as she made good progress on the seatbelt.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

The Arrangement is now available at all major online retailers so I thought I'd share one last snippet from it to wet your appetite so you'd want to head over to l and pick up your very own copy!

Friedrich was still there. She held on to the railing so hard Elsa feared she’d be unable to unclench her fingers later.

She stayed there watching him as the train began to pull away.

Everything in her screamed to jump off the train but she knew for her sake and Friedrich’s she couldn’t.

So she stayed put.

So did he.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy Release Day!!!

I'm very pleased to announce that my historical erotic romance The Arrangement, Book One in the Resistance trilogy is now available! I'm so thrilled with the response my little snippets for this story has received thus far and I hope you'll pick up your copy and spread the word asap!

If you're new to The Arrangement, here's the blurb:
Elsa Mostek is a young Jewish woman who is forced to move with her family from the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland to the Auschwitz concentration camp in 1943. She immediately draws the attention of Nazi Officer Friedrich Weiss who inexplicably shows favor towards her and helps her escape harm many times thanks to the power he wields in the camp. Aware that many of her fellow female prisoners are bartering their bodies for survival and in
desperation to save her starving family, Elsa makes an offer to Friedrich.

What Elsa does not know is that Friedrich is a spy with the German Resistance that has infiltrated the Nazi regime. He must keep up the pretense of loyalty to Hitler's cause as he sends secrets to those on the outside.

Friedrich doesn't want to take advantage of Elsa but can't help wanting her. As the misery of his position increases, she offers him the only light left in a world of darkness and despite his best intentions, Friedrich gives in to her offer. Passion explodes between them, giving them a reprieve from the monstrous world they inhabit, though both know it can never last.

And in honor of its release, how about a little peek inside?

He wiped his mouth and pushed his chair back from the table. “Come here.”
She put her glass down and looked at him in confusion before standing up.
“Come sit.” He patted his thighs.

“What do you mean? On your lap?” she asked.

He nodded.

Elsa looked at him hesitantly but turned and sat on his thighs.

“Not quite what I meant,” he said, looking at her meaningfully and Elsa felt her cheeks grow warm in sudden understanding. “Ah, there we are.” He remarked at her expression. “Put your legs on both sides of me. But take your panties off first, if you don’t mind.”

“Really?” she blurted in surprise then blushed. “I only mean…well…”

He kissed the tip of her nose. “Remember when I said any way? Well this is one way. As is what happened earlier though in my boorish-ness I wasn’t quite at my best. I plan to make that up to you later as well.”

“Oh, and you ripped them off earlier,” she reminded him.

“Did I?” he asked, his cheeks pink and she wanted to laugh at his apparent embarrassment about that.

“At this rate it would be far easier if I walked around without any underclothes at all.”

He gave her a wide smile and she threw a napkin at him.

Elsa stood and Friedrich reached up along her thighs, stopping only to cup her there for a moment, making her entire body seize with anticipation.

“I suppose you’ll tell me people do this on their kitchen tables as well,” Elsa joked, surprised when he grinned at her.

“Mmm. Tables, counters, over the backs of couches from behind.”

Elsa blinked and wiggled as the air hit her folds once she straddled his lap. “Like the animals do it?”

Friedrich nodded. “But we’ll leave that for another time. Let’s continue on with today’s lesson for now.” He cupped the back of her head and brought her mouth to his.

Elsa sighed into his mouth, wanting to burrow closer to the heat of his body. Did he ever get cold? It was a funny thing, how he always felt so warm to her. She ran her fingers along his
chest over his white shirt and undid the buttons as he gently stroked the nape of her neck. His fingers met the scar there and he deepened the kiss before he broke away for a moment and stared into her eyes.

“How are you so strong?” he asked softly. “I try and take some of your strength into me and I can’t seem to do it.”

She shook her head. “I’m not.” She leaned in to kiss him again but he pulled away.

He tucked a stray lock of hair behind her ear. “You are. I want to just sink myself into you again and again in just the hope that I’ll be able to bear one more day here.”

She blushed at that image and the sentiment behind it. It made her a little nervous when he said such sweet things because she wanted to believe them. Even if he did mean them, what good did it do to say the words out loud but to make her long for things that could simply never be?

“I’m always afraid,” Elsa admitted. “I don’t think there’s been a moment that I haven’t been scared out of my wits. I’m afraid of this place, those people out there, what I’m doing, you.”

He went still then. “Me? You know by now you have nothing to fear from…”

She shook her head quickly. “I mean the things you say and what they make me feel.”

He brought his hand from the back of her neck to trace the curve of her jaw and to her lips. “What? What do they make you feel?” He stroked her lower lip with his thumb while his other hand caressed her thighs.

“They make me want things…wish for things…” she admitted, trembling with her admission and his touch.

“I know,” he said roughly as if the understanding was suddenly clear between them that they could say no more.

A shiver of relief overtook her as if a most terrifying door was kept closed and she was safe once again on this side. She caught his mouth again and gave a whimper when his fingers reached that place between her legs. Her lower half tightened in anticipation as he found the small numb of nerves between her folds and began to stroke there in slow circles.

He grinned against her mouth then. “I should be surprised at the sounds you make, but I’m not. It fits you.” Friedrich eased a finger deep up inside of her and Elsa clutched it tight and
moaned even as she blushed.

“You shouldn’t tease me about that. I can hardly help such a thing and what do you mean anyway?” she asked, giving in to the urge to rock her hips.

“That strength I meant before. It comes through in your passion,” he murmured, running his lips along her neck while he crooked his finger inside her walls and teased gently, making her squirm deliciously in his lap. “As if you may not know it but your body does and is so fucking beautiful in its demand.”

Elsa wanted to say he was wrong but her body only confirmed his words. It wanted and wanted. He put his hands on her and her body sizzled like a live wire.

She placed a hand on his lap, found him already straining against the zipper and smiled. “It’s not like I’m the only one.”

He groaned and closed his free hand over hers, moving it with her as she stroked him.

Soft tension flickered in her belly and grew sharper as he moved his hand between her legs. It was hard to focus on pleasuring him but Elsa managed to undo the button and zipper of his trousers, easing them down past his hips so she could take his length in her hand.

“Take me inside,” he ordered, trembling beneath her. “Now.”

When they were ready, Elsa moved over his shaft as he gripped her hips now with both hands and set her down over him slowly so she could feel every thick inch of him fill her. “Oh… Oh…” It was different this way. It was almost as if he was bigger like this and he didn’t even have to touch her in that place where they were joined before her nerves burst. Elsa arched back and Friedrich cupped her back and held her as her orgasm rolled through her.

“Dear God!” she panted, falling forward against him.

“Hang on…don’t move…” he pleaded, holding her hips still.

The front of her dress became warm and moist at the heat of his breath against her breasts. He pushed the dress up over her head so that she was now naked to him.

She pulled at his shirt, wanting the same. She sighed with pleasure when she could finally touch bare, hot skin and muscle. She lowered her mouth to his shoulder, giving in to the urge to skin her teeth in ever so slightly as the hairs on his chest, tickled her breasts, making them draw tight.

Friedrich gave a soft groan and lifted his hips ever so slightly and Elsa’s breath hitched at the small thrust. He pulled her back and cupped her face. “Better?” he asked with a smile.

Elsa gave a small giggle and nodded, knowing he referred to his earlier act against the door. “Oh yes.”

He kissed her, sucking on her lips gently before bringing her closer and lowering his mouth to her breasts.

Elsa gave a low moan as the heat of his mouth drew out one nipple and then the other, all the while he thrust up into her with small, devastating jabs, rousing her yet again so that she was rocking back in need.

“Up and down,” he instructed, taking her hips and showing her what he meant.

Elsa whimpered. Oh sweet heaven! He moved against different places this way. It felt as if as they moved together, he was reaching into her belly and pulling her nerves tighter and tighter outward instead of the usual tugging downward. The friction sent her senses spinning and she held on to him.
Friedrich’s hands went to her back while he thrust up and she met his thrusts.

God, was he right? Did what she was feeling, this passion, make her strong because as they moved together she felt so very strong and yet weak at the same time. She was carried along a hot, melting, burning flame of sensation and yet she was thrusting back, demanding, fighting him yet working with him for that mind numbing explosion she now recognized so well. She felt strong and powerful and hungry. So hungry as he pushed up into her, deeper, harder and finally, Elsa felt him lose control. His fingers dug into her hips as he pumped up his release and with a last thrust brought her over the edge with him.

“Better?” she panted, resting her chin on his head, referring to his melancholy mood.

He laughed against her neck and Elsa felt a lump of emotion, knowing now why he liked to hear her laugh.

For this brief moment, amid all the sadness and fear, she had made him happy.