Wednesday, June 28, 2017

April Book Haul

*sorry vid cuts off, not sure what happened there but you don't miss anything so it's okay* A few books I picked up in the month of April! Subscribe for more vids once, sometimes twice a week!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

May Book Wrap Up: Reviewing Wayward Angel By Patricia Rice

Just one book in the wrap up this month because May was a hot mess month but thankfully this book wasn't and it grabbed me and didn't let go! :D Sharing my adoration for Wayward Angel by Patricia Rice. Subscribe for more video blogs once, sometimes twice a week!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Resistance Book Two-The Affair Now Available On Amazon!

Elsa Mostek Friedman has built a good life for herself and her daughter, Catherine. A life of privilege and wealth. It's a life that’s a far cry from her humble beginnings in a Polish village. It’s a life built on lies, because while she adores her husband, David, it’s another man who haunts her dreams. It’s another man her body yearns for: Catherine's father, the German Resistance spy Friedrich Weiss, who infiltrated the Nazi regime. Their love was forged in the horrors of Auschwitz and when Friedrich helped Elsa escape, it was to build the very life she has now.

Now Friedrich has returned and Elsa is torn between her love for her husband and all the security he provides, and the love she has for Friedrich, who is still a hunted man. Elsa and Friedrich have no future, but passion explodes between them, hotter than ever. And for all their noble intentions, for all their fears of discovery, neither can stay away from the other.

Elsa walks a knife-edge line between both men as she also tries to protect the secrets she’s kept for over six years.

But there are others who know Elsa's secrets and they too have returned to make sure the carefully constructed world she’s built explodes in a rain of violence and vengeance that will only be appeased when everything Elsa holds dear is destroyed.

Ebook: (paperback coming soon)