Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Redemption Tease!

I was so tickled when I found out that Redemption was in the top 100 American Historical bestsellers over at All Romance Ebooks! It's #64 and I'd love to see it hit the top ten! You can pick up your copy here: Redemption Buy Link To entice you I thought I'd share the blurb and a steamy excerpt! Hope you enjoy!

On the run from a murderous uncle, Katie Beaumont married outlaw Ben Cready the day before he was supposed to hang. They shared one night of explosive passion and for six months, she'd believed herself a widow. Now Ben is back to claim what's his, and that includes the sweet bride he'd never been able to forget.

The first time she’d lain in this bed, it had smelled like him. Ben had told her it had been his mother’s house, a small cottage hidden in the mountains. The perfect hideout for Ben Cready and his gang. The perfect place for Katie to disappear.

Katie had lain there, staring up at the wooden beams above and closed her eyes, letting his warm, musky scent transport her back to the night before when he’d moved over her, doing things to her that had made her body greedy, open, wet and wanting things she had no understanding of.

And oh he’d given. He’d given hard and deep, plunging his cock into her again and again, but she could feel the restraint there in his muscles, saw it in his face. He had held back, for her. It made Katie want it all the more. Want him.

Playing that night over in her mind, Katie had stared up at the ceiling, feeling her most intimate place grow damp. She reached down tentatively under her night gown and jumped at the first touch. She’d let her eyes drift closed and remembered the heavy warmth of his body and his strong, rough fingers stroking her gently, then harder as her passion grew. Katie followed his movements, trying to mimic them with her own fingers. She pushed her fingers into her body. Surely it wasn’t shameful now that she was a married woman.

They weren’t the same as his cock. There wasn’t that deep full thick feeling of being possessed, claimed, taken. He moved slowly, gently with her and Katie realized with a burst of shame that she had bitten into his shoulder once. The memory of his cock hitting a particularly sweet spot made her whimper and gush a little. The broad tanned muscle of his shoulder was there, beckoning her mouth and Katie had only meant to run her lips along the tight skin, but then he’d angled his hips and hit that sweet spot and the sweet burst of sensation had been too much to bear and she’d sunk her teeth into the muscle. He’d groaned above her, pumping a little bit harder.

Reliving that moment, Katie had angled her fingers trying to mimic the movement and while the sensation wasn’t quite the same, Katie had bit into her pillow as she felt the funny climbing sensation begin to tug deep in her belly.

With her other hand, she’d tried to copy how he had stroked that swollen bundle of nerves right above her opening. Here the sensations grew sharper and Katie barely had time to breathe before her body arched upwards, the heels of her feet digging into the mattress and the intense feeling of release seemed to explode through her blood.

“What was that?” she had asked him when it first happened.

“You came, honey,” he hissed through his teeth as he pushed his cock into her.

‘Came’. Such a simple unassuming word to describe the most exquisite feeling Katie had ever experienced.

She’d done that again the next night and many times since. It wasn’t him but it kept the memory of him vibrantly alive for her, that stranger who’d saved her and showed her what passion was.

She woke up in the middle of the night, her heart racing. She must have
screamed because in the darkness she heard his voice.

“Bad dream?”

Her eyes frantically searched him out but Katie could barely make out his silhouette in the doorway. “What happened to the lamp?”

“I blew it out. Wonder you didn’t burn down the house around that pretty head of yours.”

That was the second time he’d called her pretty. Katie tried not to put any stock in it but the one good thing about the darkness was that he couldn’t see her blush. “I can’t sleep when it’s dark. I don’t like it.”

“Well, you can’t sleep with that lamp on neither. I ain’t risking you burnin’ down our house.”

Our house.

She heard his footsteps come closer and she sat up when he was right next to the bed.

“Move over.”

“What?” Katie asked, her heart beat tripling its rhythm. She saw the shine of his grey eyes as he leaned over her and turned the blanket down.

“That’s my side of the bed.”

“I know.”

“I’ll sleep beside you. You won’t need the lamp.”

Katie hesitated afraid to object, afraid that he’d turn back to the cellar, afraid he’d want more, afraid she would. She moved over to the cooler side of the bed and held herself stiff, unsure as he spread himself out next to her.

He didn’t touch her.

Katie bit her lip, unsure of whether she wanted him to.

“Relax. I ain’t gonna ask you for nothin’ tonight. Just sleep.”

She didn’t relax until heard him snoring.

Katie turned to him wishing she could see more than just the faint lines of his face. She felt him breathing against her face and she lifted her fingers hesitantly but then drew them back, not wanting to risk waking him. She fell asleep with his breath against her face and didn’t wake up again until it was morning.

The room was still bathed in grey when Katie became aware of herself again. The first thing she noticed was there was something heavy against her waist and that she was no longer facing Ben. His arm was draped over her waist and her back was nestled against his chest.

And there was something very warm and hard pressed against her bottom. She wondered if it hurt him to feel swollen like that because she knew that she certainly ached in her own place between her legs. Not painfully. It was more a dull throb that she recognized well by now.

She also knew now what she needed to do to relieve it but she didn’t dare. Not here. Not with him lying next to her. Katie breathed shakily. That was the rub though, wasn’t it, she thought. It was the feel of his body, warm and hard lying next to her that was bringing those feelings back a hundred fold. So many nights she had relieved herself imagining his touch, his scent, the coarseness of his body rubbing against hers and now here he was.

He shifted behind her and Katie froze, afraid to move, afraid he would smell her want on her like a beckoning musk. She didn’t want him to know, God, she didn’t. She’d be too embarrassed to have him know how she had dreamed about him.

His arm moved up along her rib cage to her breast and his big hand cupped it over her night gown.

Katie jumped, feeling her nipple tighten against the heat of his palm. She almost leaned into his palm, wanting more but afraid any movement would be seen as a sign of rejection.

He mumbled something behind her but it was unintelligible and Katie wondered if he was still asleep.

His hand squeezed gently and Katie’s eyes fluttered closed, overwhelmed by the sweet ache coursing through her. Her hand fisted the pillow and her breath was coming in short, quick pants, making her breast rise against his palm. She wished he would-

He slipped his hand past the heart shaped collar of her nightgown and Katie whimpered. His hand was now against bare skin as if he’d read her mind. He moved lower to cup her again and Katie felt herself gush embarrassingly between her legs. Ben squeezed the soft skin, scraping his palm over the nipple and then Katie felt his fingers move over it, pinching with slight pressure.

As if following her trail of arousal, Ben moved his hand out from the collar of her nightgown and moved down to her thigh. Katie felt her core throb and clutch desperately at the feel of his hand on her leg, moving higher, pushing the nightgown up as he went. Slipping inside her under clothes, his fingers met bare, wet skin. She bit her lip so hard she almost broke the skin.

Katie heard him groan behind her as he delved into her pussy.
“Remembered you like this,” Ben growled in her ear, making her jump with the realization that he was now if not before, fully awake. “Open and wet…your pussy slick like sweet honey.”

She didn’t know what to say, his touch was stealing all reason from her mind, but he held his fingers still and she knew she’d have to say something or he’d stop. “Please…” she sighed, wanting more, wanting him to move…to pump his fingers like she remembered.

“Stop?” he asked, his voice hard with disappointment.

“No,” she whispered.

He groaned his approval and began to thrust his fingers inside of her. Two fingers, deep into her… pussy. That’s what he’d called the warm, place that seemed to want him so desperately.

Katie couldn’t breathe, having him here, feeling his flesh and blood fingers here inside of her, not her own.

“You gonna come, honey?” Ben asked in her ear, pumping his fingers, making her cry out when he added a third into her.

“Oh….” Katie buried her face in the pillow, the sensations too sharp, too wonderful. They were almost unbearable. “Please…please…” she begged, dying for that sweet oblivion, knowing it would be all the more intense because her fantasy was once again real.

“Come around my fingers, darlin’,” he whispered, his breath hot against the back of her ear.

Her pussy was already clutching him tight, and when he started to pump his hand faster, Katie bit the pillow and screamed hurtling over the knife edge of desire into the most delicious orgasm of her life. It felt like it went on and on and then she realized it was because he hadn’t stopped the movement of his hand. He was still thrusting his fingers hard and fast into her and her pussy was creaming down, coating him, messy and uncaring.

“Come again for me, honey,” he growled in her ear, rubbed the heel of his hand against her clitoris as he pumped and she whimpered at the nearly painful pleasure.
“I don’t think…I can…” she moaned. Surely she couldn’t experience that explosion more than once a night.

“Sure you can,” he assured her and she could hear the amusement in his voice. Katie wanted to turn and look at him but didn’t dare. It was simpler like this, to not have to look at him while he did sinful things to her. But was it sinful? They were married after all. But wasn’t intercourse supposed to be just that, a man putting his seed in his wife to father a child. Not this…this…delicious, touching, stroking…sucking of breasts. He knew of these things because he was an outlaw, a criminal, but what did it make of her that she enjoyed them, wanted them?

True to his word, Katie could feel the tightening begin again deep in her belly like a coiled spring.

“Come for me, my sweet Katie…come for me…” the endearment, the sound of her name from his mouth made her arch back against him and she was coming again, bucking her hips as the explosions rocked off through her blood.

“Good…thatta girl…come, honey. I can feel it, all around my fingers…” he purred in her ear.

Sated, Katie moaned when she regained her senses again and trembled when she felt him remove his fingers.

“Now, I gotta take a piss and ease my own ache, darlin’.”

Katie, pushed herself up onto her watery limbs as she watched him get out of the bed. The image of him relieving his ‘ache’ made her flush with the knowledge that she wanted to see that.

“Get dressed and we’ll go into town, cause I ain’t starting this day on nothing’ but milk.”

Katie nodded quickly, her pussy was still in spasm with after shocks and he must have seen it on her face because his eyes held hers and he swore under his breath and turned away.

“Mister-Ben,” she corrected her self quickly.

He stopped and turned back to her.
“I’m-I’m glad you’re back,” she finished lamely.

Ben stared at her, the seriousness in his gaze making her nervous. She jumped when he chuckled and shook his head as he walked away.

She sat next to him on the buckboard as they rode into town. She was sitting next to her husband. Her husband.

“You need anything besides coffee?” he asked.

“Um… Vegetables…fruit. Some meat.”

He nodded. “I gotta meet with the Sheriff. You take care of them things and wait for me outside the store.”

“I wanted to meet with the Sheriff too,” Katie insisted firmly and he must have guessed by her tone that it wasn’t to make a social call.

He shook his head. “No.”

“Excuse me?”

“You wait for me outside the store, like I say,” Ben ordered.

Katie scowled at him. Part of her said not to push him, but the other part of her stubbornly chafed against being ordered about, especially since both men had taken it upon themselves to leave her in the dark for six months. “I want to speak with him about my Uncle.”

“You let me handle that.”

As they drove into town, heads turned their way with blatant curiosity.

Katie’s cheeks burned under the scrutiny.

“You want out of this marriage you just let me know,” Ben told her.

She turned to him in surprise, a sick tight ball in the pit of her stomach. “What?”

“You ain’t gonna have an easy time of it, being Mrs Cready.”
“I can handle it just fine, thank you,” she said primly. True, there were some folks that treated her like she had some kind of catching disease when they learned who her husband had been…or still was, she amended mentally. That was one of the reasons she loved the house in the mountains, she could hide from the more judgemental townsfolk. There were a few nice people though, Katie learned. They took pity on the young widow and invited her for tea or chatted with her when she had to do her shopping. Pastor McCadden, who had performed the last minute wedding ceremony always had a kind word for her and made sure she was doing well.

“I think you’ll have a harder time of it than I do,” she countered and he snorted at that.

“Never did care much what people thought of me,” he told her, drawing the reigns tight to stop in front of the general store. He hopped down and then came around the wagon to help her to the ground.

“You won’t…cause trouble, will you?” Katie asked afraid that he was headed to the saloon to engage in drinking or gambling or shooting.

He chuckled, an infectious sound that split his face in a grin that gave him an almost childlike appearance. “Honey, don’t you go forgettin’ now. I am trouble.”


Kellie Kamryn said...

Whew! Wow - loved the excerpt! Felt like I was right there with her... LOL

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Thanks! Would certainly be a yummy place to be!