Monday, November 14, 2011

New Release Date For We'll Meet Again

Unfortunately the release date for my erotic historical We'll Meet Again has been moved yet again. This time we're keeping our fingers crossed for the 21st, this coming Monday. In the mean time I thought I'd share a sexy excerpt to help ya'll endure the wait!

First the blurb: It's 1943; Cassie Atherton's fiancĂ© Phillip Davis is fighting in the war, and she is doing her part as an American nurse in England. When nursing a seriously injured English captain named Edward James Harrison, Cassie suddenly finds herself truly in love for the very first time. Instantly drawn to each other, Cassie tries to resist James's shameless flirting but the two of them grow close during his convalescence. They know their futures lie elsewhere but neither expect their parting to come when the unexpected death of her father calls Cassie back home. Once he’s fully recovered, James returns to active duty and ends up on a mission with Phillip in Japan where both men are captured. Their joint suffering in the POW camp under Lieutenant Dai bonds them as the best of friends.

They manage to escape and Phillip brings James with him when he returns back home to Boston to meet Cassie, not being aware that the two already know each other. Torn between friendship and love, honor and passion, set against a backdrop of violence and historical upheaval, Cassie and James try to fight a love that refuses to be denied.

Her dress slipped off of her to billow around feet and she let James guide her towards the bed.

Before setting her down on the mattress, he eased her underclothes down and off, followed by his own. Cassie ran her fingers up his strong thighs to the thatch of darker hair at the base of his shaft. She gently circled it with her fingers and smiled when she heard him groan. She liked touching him like this, so intimately and knowing she was giving him pleasure. Cassie stroked him slowly, feeling his thick shaft swell in her hand.
She looked up. His eyes were closed as he bit his lip. She had an idea that shocked her because she had never even contemplated doing it before but she had heard whispers that some women did.
Certain women.
Cassie pressed her lips together. She was a married woman now, should she even be contemplating such a thing? Would James be shocked and disappointed in her if she did it? No. Cassie didn’t think so. He was always kind and honest with her, explaining things she had no knowledge in without making her feel like a silly child.
Being married meant they could do anything, didn’t it?

Cassie leaned forward and pressed her lips to the head of his shaft.
She looked up hesitantly when she heard James gasp. His eyes flew open. Cassie jerked back, afraid he would tell her not to do such a thing ever again.

But he smiled at her, heat in his gaze. "Are you sure you want to, darling?"

Cassie grinned back and shrugged. "I don’t quite know yet. Is it okay to try?"

"Just watch your teeth," he warned.

It took her a second to realize what he meant and then she laughed.
"Oh. Well, yes. That makes sense." She licked her lips and pressed her mouth to the head of his shaft again.

As Cassie touched it with her tongue, she felt James’s fingers dig into her shoulder. He shivered, and she could tell he was making a conscious effort to ease his grip.
She took just the head into her mouth, sucking slowly. She heard his curse above her and her name sounded tight from his lips. She didn’t think she was doing it quite right. There wasn’t the rhythm to it she thought there should be. It wasn’t unpleasant, but Cassie liked kissing him better, liked having him inside of her much better.

Though she did enjoy the sounds her husband was making very, very much.

Then he was pushing her away and she worried she wasn’t doing it right, but she realized with a start that he was very hard now.

"It’s too much right now, sweetheart," he panted. "Perhaps when we go for another round, eh?"

He leaned over her and cupped her mound between her thighs, making her gasp.
"I would very much love to repay you in kind, love."

Cassie shivered, imagining his mouth there. "Oh I think I’d like that," she said eagerly, then blushed at how exuberant she sounded.

"Oh you will." He nodded smugly. He placed a few pillows under her back so that she wasn’t lying flat.

She leaned across to the night table and flipped on the lamp as James shut the light above them and joined her on the bed.

"Now you look golden," Cassie said with an appreciative smile, taking in the hard muscles of his body in the soft light.

He slid his fingers along her thigh until he met her core again. He kissed her as his fingers stroked her slick folds.

Cassie whimpered and she bunched the sheets in her hands, watching him work his way to her collarbone and lower.

One of James’s fingers pressed against the sensitive nub of flesh amid her folds and he rubbed slowly, making Cassie’s breath catch. She closed her eyes, giving herself up to the ecstasy of his touch.

Then there was the heat of his mouth. Everything in Cassie seemed to seize and hover in anticipation of that first touch of his . . .

She cried out when his tongue met her center. Her eyes were squeezed shut, unable to bear seeing him there between her legs, fearing it would be too shameful, fearing the sight would send her over the edge into the biggest orgasm of her young life.

His tongue probed gently, licking, sucking, drawing her nerves tighter and tighter.

He stopped and looked up at her. "How do you feel?"

Cassie met his gaze over the swelling of their child. She could only nod and whimper pleadingly for him to continue.

He chuckled and bent once again to his task until she was writhing restlessly, her skin feeling lit with an electric current that was growing stronger and stronger until he suddenly stopped.

"Why?" she burst out, lifting her head.

James smiled and kissed her. She blinked in surprise, tasting herself.

He pulled away and cupped her between her legs. "Because I want to feel it all around me when you come."

He lay down beside her, and she looked at him in confusion.

"If you’re on top, you might like it better because of the baby."

"Oh," she said. She followed his lead and moved over him, trembling when she felt the head of his length probing at her damp folds. She took a deep breath to still her racing nerves, afraid to go over the edge much too soon. She slowly eased down, feeling every warm inch of his length fill her.

James cupped her breasts, and Cassie didn’t move, loving the feeling of him in that deepest part of her.

"Oh . . . " She sighed. "My husband is so wise," Cassie teased.


Sarah Ballance said...

I wondered where your release was - I looked for it, and you can bet I'll be looking again! The blurb alone gave me chills. (Seriously!)

E. Jamie said...

Thanks so much! It's pretty hard to promote it when the release date keeps changing but buzz for it seems pretty high. As far as I know, Monday is a go as the release date. Fingers crossed that doesn't change!