Saturday, April 7, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

In this week's six, we have Bree struggling with her decision to share some very important news with the sexy stranger she shared one explosive, passionate night with.

Bree sat in bed, staring at the note with the numbers that would connect her to him once again.
She didn’t dare.
Didn’t he have a right to know?
She could so easily fall in love with him.
No, never again.
She missed him so much.

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Corinne Davies said...

Wow, she has a tough decision to make. Great six!

Paula Martin said...

Great six -I felt her indecision.

Jessica Subject said...

I can really feel her internal struggle. Great six! :)

Cara Bristol said...

"Enjoyed" her struggle. Beautiful cover.

Kate said...

Nice presentation of her dilemma. Great six!

Freddy MacKay said...

Very bittersweet. Nice six.

Tonya Burrows said...

I love how you used short, punchy sentences to show her indecision here. Really ramps up the tension. Nice 6!

S. J. Maylee said...

Yes, gorgeous cover!!
tension, anxiety, passion, it's all there, nice 6

Sarah Ballance said...

Oh, wow. It sounds like they shared an intense connection. A lot of emotion here - great job!

E. Jamie said...

@Corrine Definitely!

@Paula Thanks very much!

@Jessica Thankie muchly!

@Cara I love the cover too!

@Kate Thankie kindly!

@Freddy Glad you enjoyed it!

@Tonya I'm glad it worked!

@S.J. Thanks for the lovely compliment!

@Sarah Most definitely!