Sunday, June 3, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

I bring you another peek at my paranormal romance Four Winds Of Heaven. Hope you guys enjoy!

Could the actions of a few brave souls have saved us all? Emily, Laura, Brian and Nick are brought together in 1999 by a series of supernatural phenomena. Then they learn that, in 1917, three children in the Portuguese town of Fatima prophesied that, at the end of the millennium, four people would have to face Satan in an apocalyptic battle. At a time when many people are questioning religion and its place in the world, Four Winds of Heaven offers a new slant on what we believe we know about good and evil and our abilities to face both within ourselves.

He‟d been curious to see who would have the balls to go up against the formidable James Cooper, but now that he saw the man, he couldn‟t help roll his eyes. The guy sitting across from him was a shrimp, a poster boy for the Generation X yuppie. Suit and tie. Nick stared daggers at him, annoyed this pansy had the nerve to invade his sanctuary. Even though he protested being here, the rehab clinic had given him the only moments of peace he had known since his mother died, and he resented being forced to remember that a world existed outside these safe walls. Still, he wanted a look at the great and powerful giant who was going to take on his dad.

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Sarah Ballance said...

This is a greatly introspective piece. It tells me a lot about your character. Wonderful job!