Saturday, July 14, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

We continue Ryan and Claire's story this week. Hope you enjoy!

Claire Lauder was the girl next door who fell in love with the boy from the wrong side of the tracks. Now these ex-lovers find themselves on opposite sides of the law, but Claire soon learns that all is not as it seems. Ryan Wyatt is a man with a dark past who is given a second chance. The price? Betray the man and the organization that took him in when he had nothing. but will forgiveness be harder to earn from the woman he has never stopped loving?

He knew it was childish, but he didn’t feel like giving in to Claire’s wishes after she had shot him down so coldly. It was spite, pure and simple, but Ryan was too angry to care. He’d bared himself to her, and she had taken his heart and crushed it in her hands.

Christ, Wyatt, but you really are a fucking moron. Ten years of building a hard shell around his heart, letting no woman in, and with one look into those big brown eyes, it was like he was a seventeen-year-old kid again. He had held her in his dirty, worthless hands, and in that trailer park he’d felt like a king, like he was blessed simply by virtue of touching such a pure, beautiful creature.

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Jessica Subject said...

A lot of emotion. Nice six! :)

Monica Enderle Pierce said...

Okay, this guy's got some emotional baggage! I think I understand why she skedaddled. Hope he turns it around.

Maryellen said...

What an emotional snippet!