Saturday, September 1, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

How about a new snippet of my yummy historical erotic romance Redemption for this week's six?

On the run from a murderous uncle, Katie Beaumont married outlaw Ben Cready the day before he was supposed to hang. They shared one night of explosive passion and for six months, she'd believed herself a widow. Now Ben is back to claim what's his, and that includes the sweet bride he'd never been able to forget.

“My husband is a good man,” Katie replied, her stomach tight with uncertainty. Her husband was back. Whether anything about him had changed, who was she to say, considering he was still very much a stranger to her?

“If he’s truly renounced all wickedness, I imagine we’ll see him in church this Sunday,” Mrs. Mallory said.

Katie’s mind drifted back to the “wickedness” she and Ben had engaged in earlier, and her cheeks flamed. “Yes. Now, if you’ll excuse me, ladies, I need to get back to my shopping.”

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Jessica Subject said...

So much revealed about not only the time, but the characters, in this six. Well done! :)

Dee Carney said...

That's the best kind of wickedeness though! lol. Great six!

Anonymous said...

A lovely six there