Friday, June 21, 2013

Cover Reveal: Blood Vows Book One-The Vendetta

I'm making my first foray into self publishing with the first book in the Blood Vows trilogy, The Vendetta. I've got the rights back for that series as the publishing house is closing so I'm very excited to try this new phase in my writing journey with a series I know so many of you have loved!

I give you now, the brand spanking new cover for Blood Vows Book One-The Vendetta, coming soon!!!! Mob princess Brianna O'Reiley has just discovered she is pregnant. What should be a joyous occasion is actually a nightmare because she knows that the father is not the husband she recently lost in a mob ordered murder, but Alessandro Dardano, the son of mob boss Bernardo Dardano, her family's greatest enemy.

Brianna and Alessandro shared one night of passion after taking shelter in a snow storm, neither knowing the other's identity, that they were the children of families who have had a blood soaked vendetta between them for the past fifty years.

Alessandro Dardano, has returned to New York from running his father’s business overseas to take his place as Bernardo’s successor. The passion he and Brianna generate between them make him question his loyalty to his father, but even more, the love he feels for her makes him want to do whatever he must to make Brianna his, despite her last name.

Brianna, who has vowed to make Bernardo pay for his part in her husband's murder, is torn between the searing love she feels for Alessandro and her desire for vengeance.

Will this baby bring the two families together, or will he be the lit fuse in an explosion of violence that destroys both sides forever? Thanks so much to Sonia Marques and Britoria Virtual Services for your fantastic work!!!!