Friday, July 18, 2014

It's Here! Blood Vows Book Three: The Secret!

Squee! It's here!!!! The final book in Brianna and Alessandro's scorchingly hot, intensely romantic, action packed tale is now available on Amazon! Blood Vows Book Book Three: The Secret: Brianna and Alessandro's marriage is in ruins. After allowing their families to corrupt their love for each other with lies and heartbreaking betrayals, they are farther apart than ever. Yet the love between them refuses to relinquish its hold. When Arturo's evil threatens their children, Brianna and Alessandro put a plan in motion and escape to Italy where they make their way back to each other. Just as they have reaffirmed their commitment to their love, a shocking discovery is made that will cause the O'Reileys and Dardanos to put aside their legacy of hatred and violence and come together to fight Arturo's psychotic thirst for power in a final showdown that will change both families forever.