Friday, January 30, 2015

Two Days Left To Win The Vendetta Prize Pack

Just two days left to enter!! Want to win a The Vendetta prize back that includes a tote bag, mug, bookmark and your own print copy of The Vendetta? Just share this post announcing the print release of Blood Vows Book Two-The Betrayal: 

Brianna and Alessandro are in Ireland to uncover the truth about the love between their ancestors Francesca and Adriano, a love that is at the center of a vendetta that has raged between rival mob families the Dardano's and O'Reiley's for over fifty years. When they return to New York , it is with the certainty that the only way to end the vendetta is to bring their two families together. Brianna and Alessandro marry, determined that their love will flourish despite the animosity that still reigns between their families. 

But it quickly becomes evident that neither branch of the O'Reiley and Dardano family is willing to accept this attempt to end the vendetta. Brianna and Alessandro find their loyalties more divided than ever before as those they love conspire around them, leading to a shocking betrayal that could destroy their love forever. And still, the violent specter of Arturo Dardano, the younger Dardano brother, determined to seize power away from his brother, remains.