Saturday, March 28, 2015

Author E. Jamie Meets Sam Heughan From Outlander!

All right gather round my lovelies as I tell you my tale of myself and my sis Julia LeBlanc meeting the incomparable Sam Heughan​ yesterday outside Global's The Morning Show in Toronto. We missed when he first arrived but the best was yet to come. It wasn't *too cold* when we first arrived but the temps dropped quickly. We were hoping at the very least to be able to catch a glimpse of him. We got SO. Much. MORE! The windows were huge right where they were filming so while we couldn't hear them we could see everything and they could see us! Sam interacted with us as much as he did the interviewers! Lol! He waved and smiled often at us. Props to the camera guy Enzo (sp?) who often popped out to film us and kept us updated and informed that Sam actually WAS going to come out to greet us!!! The lovely​ was with us during Sam's interview segment but had to leave for her evil day job before he could come out. So Sam comes out and joins us in our freezing asses-off-ness and spends a few minutes signing autographs and chatting! My sis introduced herself as the woman who made the Bohemian Rhapsody video and Sam Heughan proceeds to FANBOY all over her! Lol! It was adorable and sweet and funny as heck! He gave her a high five and shared his love for the video and her work! He tried to give each fan equal time but had to be quick (and it was frakking FREEZING and he did NOT have a coat on!) Next it was my turn and I handed him the photo book my sis made for me which he called amazing. The first signature didn't take so HE ASKED ME if I could open it and he could sign inside which he did. So beyond nice of him! I got to thank him for the time he came to my personal facebook and comment on my post thanking him for sharing the Bohemian Rhapsody video and while he continued to sign autographs he was still engaged and replied to what I was saying and praised the video again. Then his people had to drag him away. Then we heard that he was going to be at the Bell Media building by Much Music and managed to see him from a far go in and then come back out after his stuff was done. He saw us and waved but didn't have time to come over which was perfectly fine. We'd already got more than we could have ever hoped for! He was dressed in that beautiful blue suit and his hair was down and looked AMAZING! This man just emanates joy and delight. Seriously! It's like he's lit from within when you're near him. He's not as bulked up right now. And his eyes are BLUE! Like, summer lake with the sun falling over it blue. We opted for taking video over pics because we thought it would be better to get him in action talking to us and we could just screencap any pics to share (pics coming over next few days) The camera guy who was with us told us that the celebrities who come to their studios never come out and hang out with the fans in front like Sam did. Sam is such a genuinely nice human being! A GOOD man in the best most genuine sense of the word. Such an utter joy meeting him. And now my lovelies... let's go to the tape.