Thursday, November 10, 2016

Yes, Using Facebook And Twitter Can Sell Your Books!

I sold 3 copies of my books yesterday. How? Not by posting links to them with a 'buy me' post, although I do that once a day. No, I did it by tweet-watching a show enjoyed and interacting with other fans of it. I checked and during that one hour I sold 3 books. Don't let anyone tell you fb and twitter doesn't work for selling books. It DOES but you have to do it right.

Social media is about that, being social, interacting, usually about nothing having to do with your books. It's about letting readers getting to know YOU. Have your book cover as your profile pic. Have your author info in your profile section and then just have your fun on social media. Talk about your books every once in awhile but make fb and twitter more about interacting with your fellow fangirls about the things you love. 

When a new fellow fangirl finds you (omg you like Outlander/TheExorcist/MacGyver/GH/LethalWeapon etc too?) they'll click to find out who you are and there your info will be and you've just got yourself a new reader.

Now...go buy my books. :p