Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Contest: Win A Copy Of The Vendetta!

You've seen it featured on Six Sentence Sunday, now I'm thrilled to announce that my contemporary erotic romance The Vendetta, Blood Vows One will be available this Friday May 4th from No Boundaries Press!!!

In preparation for it's release there's a contest bonanza going on! On both my personal and author pages on FB there are contests going on where you can win an advanced copy as well as twitter too so check those out. All winners will be chosen at midnight tonight. How about a contest here on my blog where you can win your very own ebook copy? I'll post a steamy excerpt and all you have to do is leave a comment with your e-mail addy and I'll pick a winner Friday at midnight!

“Make sure you’re sure because once we start, I won’t let you go until neither one of us can move anymore.”

She shook now, but with full blown desire, rather than nervousness. Her juices warmed the skin of her inner thighs. “I want you,” Bree told him. “I’m sure.”

He pulled her closer and covered her center with his mouth, heat and wet
over heat and wet.

Bree’s knees buckled, but he held her tight, supporting her as his tongue slid up inside of her.
“Oh God…” she whispered, her hands moving down to cup his head and urge him closer. “Please…”
With his teeth, he gently sucked her clitoris into his mouth and Bree arched back, shocked, wanting and more alive than she’d felt in weeks. He took a long finger and eased it into her as his mouth worked insistently over her. She sucked in her breath, her eyes falling closed and yet she wanted to watch him, wanted to watch his dark head bent with purpose as her blood sang through her veins.

He stopped and looked up at her, his face damp and smiling. “Oh darling, I’m going to fuck this delicious body so well that we’ll both be feeling it for days after we leave here.”

She leaned down and kissed him, tasting herself, not wanting to speak of goodbyes. She urged him back to where he had been, and he complied.

Bree couldn’t breathe. Her entire being was centered on the heat of his mouth, wet and purposeful between her legs and that finger…now two fingers pumping slowly inside of her. “Oh…fuck…” she moaned. Her hands weaved through his hair, thick and lush, the smell of coconut and sex wafting up to tease her nostrils.

He pulled back slightly and his thumb worked magic on the swollen nub of nerves at her center. Slow and round in torturous circles. His mouth came up to kiss her stomach, yet his fingers remained where they were, spreading her open, playing with the moisture and swollen flesh he found there.

His tongue dipped into her belly button, making Bree curl inward with a squeal. He looked up at her, and Bree found herself blissfully drowning in smiling eyes the color of dark caramel.

“Should I let you come, darling?” he asked, running his tongue just above her pubic bone, making the area tighten eagerly.

“Yes…please. I’m soooo close,” she moaned desperately. Oh God, the man
knew what he was doing down there. She felt delicious, free, alive. She didn’t have to censor that greedy part of herself. She felt unrestrained, unencumbered by what everyone else wanted her to be. Here, for this night, with this man, she could just…be.

He ran the tip of his tongue over her swollen clitoris. Bree’s fingers tightened in his hair. “I would love to know what you look like when you come, love.” He gave one sharp thrust with his fingers, adding a third.
“Do you scream?” Another sharp pump. “Do you tremble?” Thrust.

Bree held her breath. Once more and she’d go over.

“But no. I believe I want to be inside of you when you come the first time,” and with that, he pulled his fingers out.

“Son of a bitch!” Bree cried in stunned frustration.

He smiled at her. “The kitten has claws. I like that.”

“Kitten, huh?” Bree said, her eyes narrowing. “Get on your back, Prince Charming.” She shoved at him, feeling her swollen center tremble a little as she moved over him. She undid the buttons of his shirt, kissing her way down, watching the hard muscles in his chest and stomach contract from the heat of her mouth. His erection was full and thick against the zipper of his pants. Bree closed a hand over the bulge and heard him hiss. She rubbed slowly. “I wonder if I could make you come just like this?”

“Fuckin’ ‘ell…” he groaned, his eyes closed tight in ecstasy.

“Or will I have to work for it?” Bree ran a dark fingernail over the metal teeth of his zipper, easing it down less than an inch.

His hips bucked upward.

“How tight is your control, hmm? Will this do it? Or maybe when I wrap my fingers around you?” The zipper came down a little further. “Or my mouth?”

“Jesus Christ,” he sighed when his cock sprang free.

Bree reached out and circled the thick shaft with her fingers. “Oh. Jesus Christ is right. God, you’re beautiful.”

He was heavy and so very hot in her hand, like burnt steel covered in leather. Her mouth actually watered, wanting to taste him, to have him fuck her with this beautiful shaft. “How ready are you to burst?” Bree ran her thumb over the top of his damp cock’s head.

“Oh darling, you just wait until I get inside of you.”

“I wonder if you’ll last that long?” she purred, heady at the sense of power his moans were giving her. She reached back and cupped the heavy sac at the base of his cock.

“God damn it.”

Bree reached down and gave the head of his cock a slow lick, giving his balls a small squeeze at the same time.

“No, that’s it. Enough, you wicked little tease.” He grabbed her and turned her over onto her back. He pulled his shirt off, allowing her a small moment to appreciate the deliciously chiselled beauty of his broad muscled body.

Bree gave a small thrilled laugh. Oh, to be wanted again this badly. How god damned good it felt.

“We’ll go slow later, love. Right now, I’m dying to punish your teasing with a good, hard fucking. Shall we?” he growled as she ran her fingers through the dark soft hairs of his chest as he moved over her.

“Yes,” she sighed, lifting her hips so that she rubbed against him.

“Yes what, sunshine?” he asked, rubbing the head of his cock against her wet pussy.

Her body thrummed with the need to say the words, to shout them to the sky. “Fuck me. I want you to fuck me; come inside of me now.”

He pushed her thighs apart. “Wrap yourself around me.”

Bree wrapped her legs around his waist just as his long, thick cock filled her. “Oh good God,” She whimpered into his neck. He was so tall that her face buried in his chest when he lunged up over her, thrusting all the way up inside of her.

“Fucking Christ,” he growled into her hair. For a second, neither of them could move.

He feels so good, Bree thought, clenching around the hard thing inside of her. She felt so full, so absolutely full and impaled that her body was already shaking. He pulled back, lowering his mouth to hers before thrusting up hard again.

“So wet….so tight…” he remarked through clenched teeth. Her grabbed her hands and pinned them up above her head, trapping her, raising her breasts.

Bree arched beneath him, her eyes fluttering closed as sensations too powerful to control barrelled through her. “Oh….Oh…fuck….Oh I’m…”

His thrusts grew faster, more powerful and she was so near the edge that he didn’t need to stroke her, but only ground against her for a few minutes, alternately pounding her as well.

“Come for me, sweetheart,” he urged, his body hot and damp above her. She was utterly drunk on his scent, on the feeling of him pushing and pounding, driving into her with a fierce passionate rhythm. The roughness of his body scraping deliciously against her soft skin. He was strong and hot everywhere, rubbing, rubbing her from the inside out, and Bree knew she was going to die if she couldn’t touch him, brand him as he was branding her.

“Let me…Oh God…Let me touch you,” she flexed her fingers, willing him to let go of her wrists.

He released his hold on her, and Bree grabbed his behind, pulling him into her, undulating with him in a dance that stole the breath from her body, squeezing her muscles tight around his cock. His eyes met hers, glazed with passion, and Bree was on the knife edge of her orgasm. Her breath was coming in shallow, desperate pants. Air was secondary, this burning need churning through her held claim over all her senses and then she was screaming. He angled his hips, his cock scraping against her center with every hard, deep shove down, and then Bree was arching and screaming and clawing at him in a rush of delicious explosions that rocked her to her very soul. His eyes were locked on her, watching
her, and the intensity in his gaze frightened her and yet intensified the explosions that shot through her like electric fire through her veins.

She was sated and sweaty, staring up at him in shocked surprise at the force of what they had generated and were still generating between them. It was more than the orgasm, more than his body that continued his thrusting, hard and achingly full inside of her. She’d known love. She’d known passion, and she’d known casual sex. This was different. There was something here that scared her with its intensity. Bree tightened her grip on his hips, urging him on, wishing with her body for things she could never promise. She would say goodbye to him tomorrow, and that would be the end of it because she would never go through a loss like Michael again. Not ever. Anything she was starting to feel for this stranger would simply dissipate when they got back to their separate lives. Forever. Her soul cried out for forever as she moved with him. Bree buried her face in his chest and shivered with both pleasure and fear. No. Never again.