Saturday, May 12, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Once again this week I bring you another snippet from my paranormal romance Four Winds Of Heaven from Sugar and Spice Press.

Could the actions of a few brave souls have saved us all? Emily, Laura, Brian and Nick are brought together in 1999 by a series of supernatural phenomena. Then they learn that, in 1917, three children in the Portuguese town of Fatima prophesied that, at the end of the millennium, four people would have to face Satan in an apocalyptic battle. At a time when many people are questioning religion and its place in the world, Four Winds of Heaven offers a new slant on what we believe we know about good and evil and our abilities to face both within ourselves.

The pointer slid around slowly and spelled out, “Don‟t be afraid.”

“Okay, that‟s not the best thing to say right now,” Laura pointed out with a shudder.

“If you‟re going to do something, please don‟t,” Emily pleaded.

“No,” it assured them. “When he asks, don‟t be afraid.” It abruptly shot down to “Goodbye.”

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Dee Carney said...

Ouija boards, FTW! Very intriguing...

Monica Enderle Pierce said...

Ouija boards are *always* creepy! Although this one certainly has me intrigued.

Ana Hart said...

Very intriguing, indeed! I've never used a ouija board myself, so I don't know about the creepy factor, but that does definitely seem fairly creepy!

Thanks for sharing!

Sarah Ballance said...

This *is* creepy! I had that thought in mind before I saw the other comments, LOL. I'm sorry I'm late (catching up from last week) but the good news is the next six is already there for me, LOL!