Sunday, August 5, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

On the run from a murderous uncle, Katie Beaumont married outlaw Ben Cready the day before he was supposed to hang. They shared one night of explosive passion and for six months, she'd believed herself a widow. Now Ben is back to claim what's his, and that includes the sweet bride he'd never been able to forget.

Since I'm wrapping up my current wip Wanted, which is a historical erotic romance featuring a delicious cowboy hero, I figured I'd switch things up this month and offer you little peeks at my other yummy cowboy hero, Ben Cready in Redemption while we wait!

He turned toward the pot over the fire. Crouching, he took a long, deep breath and inhaled the aroma, and Katie could only guess how hungry he must be.

“Uh . . . Mister—”

He turned back to her, and again, there was that cold half smile. “I believe the last time we talked I asked you to call me Ben.”

Katie’s cheeks flushed at the reminder. The last time he’d made the request he’d been inside of her.

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