Sunday, August 12, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

We continue to get to know Ben and Katie this week in my bestselling historical erotic romance Redemption!

On the run from a murderous uncle, Katie Beaumont married outlaw Ben Cready the day before he was supposed to hang. They shared one night of explosive passion and for six months, she'd believed herself a widow. Now Ben is back to claim what's his, and that includes the sweet bride he'd never been able to forget.

His mouth quirked upward. “Honey, I’ve replayed that night in my head so many times. It’s what kept me from going fuckin’ mad, remembering. But even though I’m hard as a rock right now, I ain’t got the energy to fuck a goat.”

He turned away from her but stopped before he passed through the kitchen toward the pantry and turned back. “I suppose it’s best to get used to having each other around first.”

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Silver James said...

A hard man is good to find! I'm glad he seems sensible, too, but I have the feeling the fireworks will start soon! Fun six.