Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Food For The Muse-2

"We have to get ready or we'll be late," she giggled as he gathered her close.
He nuzzled her neck and she arched back, feeling her resistance failing. She sighed into his mouth and gripped his shoulders, reveling in the taught broad muscle.
He moved his hands to her thighs and she whimpered at the heat of his palms, stroking her smooth skin. With a groan of need, he picked her up off her feet and brought her straight into contact with the thick column of his erection.
"This won't take long, baby. Promise." He caught her mouth again and backed them up against the stove pulling her tighter against his cock before spinning her around and setting her on the counter.
She was wet, and aching, unable to resist as the man she loved beyond bearing pulled his cock free and pushed her panties aside, sliding home deep inside of her with a moan that she echoed.
They were late.