Saturday, November 24, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

The Civil War is over and Mara Aubrey has returned her beloved plantation in Virginia to find that everything has changed. One change Mara finds she doesn't mind at all is the addition of their new field hand Colin Beaudine, a sexy cowboy whose blue eyes hold the promise of pleasures Mara can't imagine. Mara Aubrey is used to bending men to her will. Colin is used to women who revel in submitting to him. Has he finally met his match in the spoiled plantation owner's daughter, or is Mara brave enough to learn everything Colin wants to teach her?

This week I've got a new snippet from Colin and Mara's story as well as a release date! January 4th, 2013 so mark your calendars!

"Ya'll best get on now." His voice was low, without the slightest hint of menace, but Mara found her heart racing in her chest.

Like a tall, brave avenger, black hat perched on his head, Colin scanned the three men and gave the briefest glance to the people in the carriage.

Mara's heart stopped when all three men whirled their guns on Colin. With their attention diverted, Jack once again reached behind him for the rifle and Mara ever so slowly pushed the gun into her father's hand with her foot.

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Jessica Subject said...

Quite the tense situation! :)

A.S. Fenichel said...

Fantastic six! I love how clearly you descibe this. It's like a movie in my head.

Joanne Stewart said...

Very tense! Great six!

E. Jamie said...

@Jessica Most definitely!
@A.S Thank you for the compliment!
@Joanne Thanks very much!

Sarah Ballance said...

I *really* want to read this one. Fabulous six! I wish I could keep reading. *stomp*

E. Jamie said...

@Sarah It'll be a nice hot way to bring in the new year!