Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy Release Day! Blood Vows Book Two-The Betrayal

It'll be up on Amazon, All Romance Ebooks, Barnes and Noble in the next day or so (follow me on my author page at for the links as I add them) But you can pick up the sequel to the bestselling The Vendetta, Blood Vows Book Two-The Betrayal now!

Blood Vows Book Two-The Betrayal: Brianna and Alessandro are in Ireland to uncover the truth about the love between their ancestors Franscesca and Adriano, a love that is at the center of a vendetta that has raged between rival mob families the Dardano's and O'Reiley's for over fifty years.
When they return to New York , it is with the certainty that the only way to end the vendetta is to bring their two families together. Brianna and Alessandro marry, determined that their love will flourish despite the animosity that still reigns between their families.
But it quickly becomes evident that neither branch of the O'Reiley and Dardano family is willing to accept this attempt to end the vendetta. Brianna and Alessandro find their loyalties more divided than ever before as those they love conspire around them, leading to a shocking betrayal that could destroy their love forever.
And still, the violent specter of Arturo Dardano, the younger Dardano brother, determined to seize power away from his brother, remains.

Here's a small excerpt to whet your appetite!

There were no streetlights as there was no street. Only the moonlight kept her from falling on her face as she took Alessandro’s hand and led him to the high bushes, the scent of heather filled the air. 

They were close to the water. She briefly wondered if Adriano and Francesca ever came here to this exact spot. She felt an inexplicable pull to it for some reason and wondered if that was why.
Bree smiled up at him as she began pulling his shirt out from the waistband of his jeans. Her hands moved under his shirt, caressing warm, tight skin. “I’ve missed you,” she whispered. “I’ve missed feeling you inside of me,” Bree undid the buttons of his shirt, running kisses along the inches of slowly revealed skin. 

“Ditto,” Alessandro said hoarsely, using her expression. 

He looked like hard, silver marble as she slid the fabric off his shoulders, the moon behind him making his skin gleam. 

She got down to her knees and undid his jeans, pulling the material down off his hips, letting his erection free. 

Bree took him into her mouth, running her tongue along the tight, warm skin, feeling the soft drops of his arousal gather on her tongue. Her hands went to his behind, bringing him closer. 

“Christ, Brianna. You look like some deliciously debauched angel down there,” he growled, his fingers tightening in her hair. 

She smiled up at him and sucked harder, her own body opening, clutching in anticipation of the shaft in her mouth driving deep into her pussy.

He swore and pulled her away from him. “You’re turn, darling.” His hands trembled with barely restrained passion as he guided her onto the ground.

The smell of earth, flowers and Alessandro filled her nostrils as he moved down. “You’re like gold all over,” he murmured, stroking her skin before moving down between her legs. 

Bree trembled at his touch, looking up at the moon and stars above them. The sight before her blurred and then got sharper as Alessandro’s mouth followed his fingers, stroking, piercing, and fucking her deeply. She was thankful it hadn’t rained all day, though the air was cool. 

Alessandro’s body was warm and his touch on her thighs, spreading her wider, was like fire. She reached down and gripped his head. Begging, pleading…coming. As her body trembled and arched, rolling in powerful waves, Alessandro came up, covering her and pushed into her with one deep thrust. 

Bree cried out, part pleasure and a slight sting of pain at her still slightly sore body. But she wanted, needed his cock like a wanderer long denied water. 

“Are you all right?” Alessandro asked, sucking in his breath.

Bree nodded. “Don’t stop,” She dug her nails into his shoulders. “Oh God,”

He moved slowly, belying the violence etched on his face that told her he wanted to ram her into the ground, fuck her straight through the earth. 

Bree wrapped her legs around his waist. “Oh I’ve missed you,” she sighed into his ear, rolling her hips eagerly beneath him, ignoring the hard packed floor under her. 

Alessandro’s brought his mouth down to her neck, sucking at her pulse, scratching her with his stubble. She writhed against him, wanting him deeper, harder.

Bree must have said the words aloud cause his grip on her hips tightened and he drove down more violently, shaking above her. 

She trembled, her breasts growing heavy, the skin and nerves stretching and filling until before Bree could warn him, her breasts burst her milk between them. Alessandro gave a start of surprise and pulled back.

Bree felt a moment’s embarrassment, not knowing how he would react. She doubted he’d ever slept with a woman who’d just given birth before. 

“Wow,” Alessandro murmured, he looked down at her in question. “Do you think our son would mind?” 

Before she could ask what he meant, Alessandro lowered his mouth to her breasts, licking, sucking, and drinking the silky sweet liquid.

“Oh God…Oh God…” Bree moaned, her body feeling as if it had been submerged in electricity.

His hips slowed their thrusts as he concentrated on her breasts. 

She trembled at the foreign sensations. He’d never done this. Michael. There was something, elemental, primal about Alessandro doing this to her. 

Bree clutched tight around his cock, feeling the deep pulsing begin in her chest and rolling downward in breathtaking waves.

“Must save some for our son,” Alessandro said coming back up to her mouth so she could taste the sweetness of her milk on his lips. 

She raised her hips up to match his thrusts, which had renewed their driving fierceness.
“Oh Alessandro…I love you, I love you, I love you…” she panted in his ear as he fucked her in delicious deep thrusts.

Then he was flipping her over so that she was now on top. His cock was buried even deeper now and Bree couldn’t breathe for the frenzied sensations exploding through her.

“Come for me, darling,” he growled and she could feel him swelling thicker inside of her with impending release. “Come with me.”

Then she was. Bree arched back and cried out as she came, feeling him filling her with his orgasm and his very soul at the same time. She felt as if she was melting into him, merging, joining every single part of her body, every nerve ending, every vein and muscle with his until they were one pulsing, rolling arching body. Her body tensed and bowed forward, her mouth in his hair as she collapsed against him, feeling his thick release pulsing into her. She panted, breathless against his face as he cradled her against his body, pulling her down onto him. 

“Well, that was new,” Alessandro, panted with a laugh.

They’d never come at the same time like that before. It had felt so…different, like their souls had been anchored somewhere outside of themselves, here in this place.
That’s how Bree knew. Adriano and Francesca had made love here before.
She was sure of it, not with her brain. With her soul.