Friday, May 31, 2013

Happy Release Day! Playground Of The Gods

Just listened to the audio preview for the audio book version of Playground Of The Gods. SO cool! Should be up on Audible between 2-4 weeks! The ebook version is available on Amazon right now!
The Gods give two wary lovers a nudge in the right direction.

Luke and Megan are fighter pilots and soldiers fighting side by side to find a new home for their lost people. They have loved each other for years, but neither will admit it for fear of betraying the memory of their best friend, Megan's dead fiancée. With a little help from the Gods above, will these brave warriors find the courage to engage in a battle for each other’s hearts?

Was it wrong to be completely aroused by a man trying to break down a steel door using nothing but brute force and his own stubborn will? Megan knew she should help, but really, if Luke was determined to break every limb opening the door on the face of the cave they had found, she figured she’d better keep her limbs intact so she could fly them out of there. Besides, he was all sweaty and flushed. Not a bad thing at all.
Upstanding Captain McCadden had quite the potty mouth.
“Mother-fucking, cock-sucking, son-of-a-bitch, piece-of-shit! I did not come all the way out here to sit in the god-damned bushes!”
He looked about ready to ram his head into the stone wall next. Megan was rather fond of Luke’s head.
“Okay, okay. That’s enough. The thing is not gonna budge, Luke. Stop before you kill yourself. There’s probably nothing in there.” Though someone had to have been here to put that steel door there. Megan pulled at his arm, appreciating the tight muscle beneath his camouflage shirt. His blue eyes glittered at her, the look hitting her straight between her thighs. Gods help her! She’d been so . . . fucking horny lately.
Now she was a girl who liked her sex, and she’d had an orgasm waiting with Luke’s name on it for years, but reality told her that he saw her as Billy’s fiancée, the best friend they had lost when the enemy had destroyed their planet. Practically family. An adopted sister into the McCadden fold. Not sweaty, screaming, mind-numbing, sexing material. So she’d been satisfied just being in his vicinity and being great friends. Okay, maybe satisfied was the wrong word. It wasn’t like she hadn’t fantasized about him before. Hell, she imagined half the fleet fantasized about Luke McCadden. There was no doubt he was easy on the eyes. But it was the intensity and frequency with which it was happening to her lately that was beginning to bother Megan.
It was very hard to work with a man when fifty-nine of every sixty minutes were spent imagining throwing him down and doing deliciously bad things to him.
It was all that damned book’s fault! Damned hot-porny-smutty book! And what were the odds that there was a second copy on their ship and that, of course, Luke had it in his possession? It almost felt as if someone was deliberately trying to get Megan and Luke all worked up over each other.
Being horny was making her paranoid. Damned book should be thrown out the nearest airlock when they got back. That was a good idea, and what she’d do once she and Luke got back. Maybe she could leave it here, Megan wondered. Nope. Bad idea. What if someone found it and it got them all worked up too? That just wouldn’t be fair, now, would it? Nope, Calder. Best thing—toss it into space when they got back.
“We’ve tried brawn, which was an enjoyable show, thank you.” Megan got up from the log she was sitting on and smiled at him. “Now let’s try some brains.”
“Megan, for that to work, one of you, either the door or you, would have to possess a brain,” Luke shot back, groaning, and took her seat on the log. “Oh, fuck, am I gonna pay for this later,” he predicted with a pained expression.
“I promise to give you a nice massage.” Megan winked at him.
Luke narrowed his eyes at her.
“Now, let’s see here.” Megan stepped back, surveying the slab of steel covering the tomb. She ran her hands along the edges of the slab to see if there was a latch or an opening anywhere. “Come on, open up. Please? Pretty please? You open the fuck up right now!”
“Oh, nice. Maybe you should offer it money?” Luke scowled.
“Luke, you know what?” Megan gave him a mocking, sweet smile.
“You’re so damned pretty,” she replied, blowing him a kiss.
The slab of stone rumbled behind her. Megan took a step back, startled. The slab had moved about an inch. “I’ll be damned.” She tried to open it further, but to no avail. “Aw, come on, damn it!” she insisted, kicking the slab.
“Hmm, hang on.” She stepped closer to Luke and tapped him on the head.
The slab didn’t so much as burp.
She tapped him harder.
“Ow! Stop that.” Luke grabbed for her hand. “I obviously managed to loosen it a little. Let me try again.” Reluctantly getting back to his feet, he shuffled back to the steel door. He groaned and lowered his head, not happy about continuing his assault.. He took a deep breath and took a few steps back to give himself some momentum. With a loud yell, Luke charged at the door, but Megan caught him around the arm. Luke lost his balance, dragging her down on top of him.
“Luke, for fuck sakes, I’m not letting you kill yourself,” Megan insisted, sprawled on him rather intimately.
“Aw, Megan, I didn’t know ya cared,” Luke teased and blew her a kiss.
The door slid open another inch. Megan and Luke stared at it, then at each other.
“What the hell is—?” Megan asked, but the rest of her question was cut off by Luke lifting his head and pressing his lips to hers. A bolt of electricity shot through her, and she almost missed the sound of the steel sliding open farther. Mouths locked together, their heads turned in unison to watch the door.
“Luke, this is the dumbest—” Megan said against his teeth while her hips pressed against his and her mind screamed at her to shut the fuck up.
“Shut up and keep kissing me, lieutenant,” Luke ordered against her lips. They both watched the door open a slow inch at a time. He looked back at Megan, and she heard him groan at the back of his throat.
His eyes fluttered closed and his fingers came up into her hair and . . . Ohhhh, was that his tongue? Yes, yes it was. Megan shifted her hips, pressing down against the bulge in his pants. She smiled against his mouth, teasing his tongue with her own, thrilled that she wasn’t the only one affected by what they were doing.
One of his hands caressed the small of her back, lifting her camouflage jacket and tank to stroke the small bit of exposed skin. His lips were softer than she thought they would be, and his mouth was so fucking hot. Hot and wet and tasting of apples, the yummy green ones. Megan made a mental note to get him to give her one if he had any left in his pack.
The hand at her back drifted lower. Megan was stunned at her utter lack of fear. All this time, she’d feared the two of them making a move in this direction, afraid there were too many problems between them, and yet, now that his mouth was on hers and her blood was racing in her veins, she felt no fucking fear at all.
Maybe, just maybe, it would be okay?
Maybe they could deal with all their shit and still cross this line. This wonderfully decadent line.
Hope flared in Megan, and she pressed her fingers into Luke’s shoulders. He trembled beneath her. When the need for air became too much to ignore, they both pulled back at the same time.
“Fuck me.” Megan sighed in amazement. “You little fucker. You’ve been holding out on me! Where did you learn to kiss like that?”
“Uh, Martha Shalosky. Seventh grade. Very advanced for her age.” Luke panted, staring up at Megan with a look she’d never seen. .
“Hmm, she has my thanks,” Megan said. She could still taste him on her tongue.
“Door’s open,” Luke whispered with what sounded like disappointment. “Uh . . . about what just happened, Megan . . . ”
“Can we just not analyze it to death for now? Let’s just do whatever we’re supposed to in there and worry about what to name our babies when we get back to the ship, okay?” Megan joked, her stomach tightening at the small smile he gave her.
“After you.” He extended his hand toward the mouth of the cave.
They had just taken a few steps inside the dark cave when the door slid shut behind them, plunging them into complete darkness.

“Shit,” they said in unison.