Saturday, February 25, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

I'm so glad you guys are enjoying these little peeks into my upcoming contemporary erotic romance, The Vendetta. Here's this week's six!

“I thought we weren’t doing personal details?” He asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Nope, just not names. I think it’s a bit…I don’t know easier that way, don’t you? No baggage, no expectations, just two strangers taking shelter from this crazy storm. I like that idea that the outside world just stops for now.”

“The world stopping. How tempting,” he said, his brown eyes meeting hers, full of hidden meaning.

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Jessica Subject said...

Always nice when the outside world stops. Great six!

Layna Pimentel said...

Intriguing snippet.

Zee Monodee said...

Love how you set up the scene here. Good job :)

E. Jamie said...

@Jessica Thankie muchly!

@Layna Glad you enjoyed it!

@Zee Thanks very much!

Dakota Trace said...

Love this snippet - particularly the part about the outside world stopping. I think we all want that from time to time. Great six this week :)

Kate said...

How tempting indeed! Great six.

Sarah Ballance said...

Oh, this is so yum. Almost breathless!

Cara Bristol said... full of possibilities. Love it.

Siobhan Muir / Meg Palevich said...

Methinks, given the title, she might be hiding something he needs to know. And vice versa. Fun six, E. :)

E. Jamie said...

@Dakota Thankie muchly!

@Kate Glad you enjoyed it!

@Sarah Thanks!

@Cara Oh heck yeah!

@Siobhan Not necessarily hiding on purpose but both of them are unaware of who they are and that is gonna make the shit hit the fan in a HUGE way later!