Saturday, March 10, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Another peek at my upcoming erotic romance with No Boundaries Press: The Vendetta. This week's snippet begins the point of no return for Bree and Alessandro. After this first night together, both will be forever changed in ways they can't even begin to imagine!

“Make sure you’re sure because once we start, I won’t let you go until neither one of us can move anymore.”

She shook now but with full blown desire, rather than nervousness. Her juices warmed the skin of her inner thighs. “I want you. I’m sure.”

He pulled her closer and covered her center with his mouth, heat and wet over heat and wet.

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Lisa Fox said...

Very hot!

Jennifer Lowery (Kamptner) said...

Hot six!! Nicely done! I think she's sure :)

Sandra Sookoo said...

Ooh, now that's a sexy scene!

Siobhan Muir / Meg Palevich said...

I liked his warning at the very beginning. Hot six, E. :)

Sandra Bunino said...

I'm with Siobhan, I like his warning. Nice six!

Jessica Subject said...

A hot six and sensual as well. :)

Sarah Ballance said...

Whoooo, hawt! I love this! And I have to tell you I am 60%+ through We'll Meet Again and I LOVE IT! (I discovered it right here on SSS. *grin*)

Janey Falls said...

That is sizzling! Great 6 - definitely can't wait for more!

Kate said...

Wow, love that "heat and wet over heat and wet." Great six!

E. Jamie said...

@Lisa Thanks!

@Jennifer Most definitely!

@Sandra Thankie muchly!

@Siobhan I'm thrilled you liked it!

@Sandra B Glad you enjoyed it!

@Jessica Thankie kindly!

@Sarah (blushes) I'm thrilled you're loving WMA and this one so far too!

@Janey Thanks very much!

@Kate I was really happy with that line too!

Jessica K said...

Whew! We needed that warning. Great six.