Saturday, March 3, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Another peek this week at my upcoming contemporary erotic romance The Vendetta-Book One of the Blood Vows Trilogy. Hope you enjoy!!!

Look where trying to do the ‘right’ thing had gotten her. She no longer had a husband and her son had lost his father. Bree grabbed the man’s shoulders and kissed him back, feeling herself sink into much needed oblivion. He cupped her face and Bree shivered at the warmth in his touch. How did he know, she wondered. How did he know that she had been cold since the second Michael had slipped away from her?

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Jessica Subject said...

A great six to show her emotion. :)

Lisa Fox said...

Excellent emotion!

A.S. Fenichel said...

Very telling six. I love the way I can feel her conflict. Well done!

Cara Bristol said...

Poignant scene. It rings true.

Monica Enderle Pierce said...

I like the use of temperature and emotion here!

Sarah Ballance said...

*much needed oblivion* - I especially LOVE that! Wonderful six! ;c)

E. Jamie said...

@Jessica Thankie muchly!

@Lisa Thanks!

@A.S Glad you enjoyed it!

@Cara I'm thrilled it does!

@Monica Alessandro is definitely all fire!

@Sarah So glad you liked it!

Dakota Trace said...

I love how well you portrayed her neediness. Very striking six this week.


Babette James said...

Lovely sad six. Great job!

E. Jamie said...

@Dakota Thanks so much!

@Babette Thankie muchly!