Saturday, March 24, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

For this week's six sentence Sunday snippet, I give you another peek at my upcoming contemporary erotic romance The Vendetta AND you get a look at the cover!!!!

Last night, Bree had been taken. Thoroughly, utterly taken. Gently or roughly, it didn’t matter. This man had reached into the darkest part of her mind where the desires she admitted to no one but herself in her most secret quiet moments were brought out and laid bare. Her hunger had been allowed to run free. There’d been no guilt, no remorse.

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Jessica Subject said...

Beautiful cover! And that man definitely left her satisfied. Great six! :)

Lisa Fox said...

Love the cover! And he sounds like quite a man!

Dakota Trace said...

Wow! Where can I find a man to do that? HAWT six this week.

Monica Enderle Pierce said...

Talk about release! (Ha! That works on two levels, don't it?)

Sarah Ballance said...

Wow! That must have been *some* encounter. *sighs* And I love your cover!

patonlorraine said...

Sounds like quite the night!
Great cover!

Gayle said...

Sexy snippet. Love the cover. :)

E. Jamie said...

@Jessica He sure did!

@Lisa He definitely is!

@Dakota If you find out...(laughs)

@Monica (dies) SO true!

@Sarah It sure was. One of many!

@pantonlorraine Definitely!

@Gayle Thanks very much!

Sandra Bunino said...

The cover is gorgeous!! Fantastic snippet. Love the raw, spent emotion.