Sunday, July 3, 2011

Best Laid Plans

I've always told myself that I should only work on ONE novel at a time. I'm pretty good at filing all those bazillion novel ideas that scream at me with every passing day into neat little folders and away as I work on the current wip.

So how did I end up with THREE wip's this year in various stages of completion?

Well, while I was subbing We'll Meet Again, I thought I'd try and polish up a short quick steamy tale and sub that while I waited to hear back. So when that was done, I hear back from my lovely publisher Amira Press that the paranormal series I wanted to do was not for them but did I have any more yummy cowboys? See, my novella Redemption with Amira is still a really big seller and so I figured, why not? I started working on Wanted. Then I hear back on the short submission, they love it, want it but can I make it into a full length since they think a full length will sell better than if it was a short., so I table Wanted and start expanding my short Sweet Revenge into a full length. Finally, We'll Meet Again gets picked up and Noble loves it so much they ask if I have anything else. Indeed I did, a long sprawling mob themed epic that I've had to cut into a series of three books, the first of which is called The Vendetta, so then I had to table Sweet Revenge as I polished up The Vendetta.

That's how it happened. A case of trying to strike everywhere while the iron was hot. I don't recommend this but hell that just goes to show that nothing ever turns out the way you plan it too.

Though one thing DID come true, I wanted to write three books this year. A crazy ass way to reach my goal but hell, whatever works, right?

So shall I tell you a bit more about my three wips?

We have The Vendetta which I wrapped up and submitted this past week: The O’ Reiley’s and the Dardano families have always despised each other, turning New York City into a war zone and dividing the loyalties of the biggest families in organized crime. When mob princess Brianna O’ Reiley’s husband is murdered under the patriarch Bernardo Dardano’s orders, she vows vengeance on the family that has destroyed hers.

Trying to regroup after her loss, Brianna leaves her young son William with her family and leaves the city to spend sometime alone. A snow storm blows in and she crashes into another car on the road. Both she and the other driver are unharmed and take shelter from the storm where Brianna allows herself for just one night, to forget her tragedy in this stranger’s arms.

They part, neither knowing the other’s identity only to discover in a cruel twist of fate that the passionate stranger who helped her through her grief is none other than Alessandro Dardano, the youngest son of Bernardo, returned to New York from running his father’s business overseas to now take his place as Bernardo’s successor.

And Brianna is now pregnant with his child.

Then there's Wanted which I haven't written up a blurb for yet as it's not done but as of now it's set in post-civil war Virginia. The heroine Mara, has returned to help her parents restore their horse ranch to it's former glory with the help of their ranch of which is our hero who as of yet does not have a name! There's a bit of a BDSM feel about this one that's tickling the muse and if I think I can do a good job, I'll go there. The tone of this one is kind of like Bertrice Small I think.

Finally, there's Sweet Revenge which is my first foray into menage romance with a bit of m/m too. Dara is torn between Jason, her husband and Eric, his best friend. When Jason finds out, he turns the tables on them both by making Eric a permanent third party in their bed but as the three of them try and make their way in this new facet of their relationship, a dark spectre from Jason's past threatens to ruin everything he holds dear.

So with The Vendetta now submitted, now my focus will be on Sweet Revenge and Wanted. I'm going to try and buckle down and focus just on Sweet Revenge but Wanted it looking at me with that flirty look in his eyes...Will I be able to resist? Or well, let me put it to you, which would YOU love to read sooner Wanted or Sweet Revenge? Comment and let me know!


Kellie Kamryn said...

Well I'm no help to you because I want to read both! So just finish them in a hurry :) LOL

E. Jamie said...

(blushes) Thanks very much anyway! (laughs)