Saturday, July 9, 2011

Meet Colin Beaudine

Let me introduce you to the sexy hero of my new historical western, Wanted. His name is Colin Beaudine and he's the new ranch hand on the Aubrey plantation in post civil war Virginia. Mara Aubrey, our heroine takes one look a him and of course, decides she must have him. Completely understandable I'd say, wouldn't you?

But of course, our Colin is not without his angst and dark side, as all good heroes usually are. His wife was murdered while he was away fighting in the war and her loss had so destroyed him that he's vowed to never get close to another woman. You see, Colin and his wife had a very special relationship, he was the dominant to her submissive. Now yes Colin does burn to fulfill the those dominant urges and does sometimes use the 'ladies' in town to sate his appetite but he's not looking for a permanent sub. The spoiled, sensual and tempting Mara may just prove too hard for his alpha urges to resist when she insists that she wants to be taken and taken hard, by no one but him.